Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cambodia - Ta Prohm Temple, Siem Reap

This temple is unique among other Angkor’s temples due to its landscape which includes thick vegetation surrounding it and the giant trees that grow out of the ruins. Because of this, large part of Ta Prohm’s temple was left untouched since it was discovered so as to preserve its stunning and unique beauty. Furthermore, I felt that I was a witness on how this crumbling temple was being swallowed slowly by the jungle. Nevertheless, some works have been done to stabilize its structures and provide safe access to visitors.

Initially, I was disappointed while I was on my way to the main temple because it seems a building was being constructed in the middle of the forest. I need to weave on long and elevated wooden walkways and platforms; sometimes I need to climb scaffolding just to have an access to other parts of the temple. In fact, a tower crane was erected within the area and it seemed a new temple was being built from scratch though it was posted that a restoration job was underway. I didn’t include those construction shots here because it would corrupt Ta Prohm’s beauty on this post.

However, upon seeing those giant trees coming out from the ruins, I can’t contain my excitement.  Truly, this temple is one of few that can be called postcards temples and photographer’s paradise. 

Travel tips: come here as early as possible otherwise you might find it difficult to have great shots with those gigantic trees coming out from the ruins at the background due to throngs of visitors. Trust me; this temple has many fans not only because of its unique beauty but also due to the movie “Tomb Raiders.”

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