Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mezza Norte at Quezon City

Weekend food markets have been sprouting in metro for the past few years, not to mention the "dampa" style food market.

Due to its success, the organizer of Mercato Centrale at Bonifacio Global City, Soderno in Alabang and Distrito Makati has decided that it is about time to bring this weekend food market to northern part of Manila.

They found a perfect place at UP AyalaLand Technohub along Commonwealth Avenue near Philcoa area, Quezon City. Perfect due to after-office call-centers workers, UP crowds (including my daughter who enticed us to visit this place), nearby villages and foodie like us. We are from San Mateo area, around 10 km away via Batasan road.

Last July, they opened Mezza Norte. It is open from Thursday to Saturday from 6 pm to 3 am. The place is WIFI hotspot and with live acoustic entertainment.

The idea behind this weekend food market was to give opportunity to new food entrepreneurs by offering reasonable overhead cost which reflect on the price of the food being offered at Mezza Norte . In fact, I was surprised to note that you won't find these food concessionaires in any malls, except Manang's Fried Chicken, though I can bet that they can give those established brands a run for their money.

can you beat this price and serving?

My wife bought her all time favorite Pancit Canton while my kids chose Fried and Barbeque Chicken. The serving was quite big and the price was reasonable as well.

I tried Big Bob charcoal burger for 150 pesos. The burger is flavorful and big serving.

Wife and kids bought pizza with filling and cakes for midnight snacks while I bought 2 sticks of chicken isaw for 30 pesos per stick as partner for my midnight drink, lol. Great partner for Vodka.

We arrived at almost 6 pm at Mezza Norte after fetching our daughter from UP. Fortunately, we found a vacant pay parking space nearby. To add, regardless whether you park inside a barricaded parking space or along the open roads you would be charged 25 pesos.

Try to be there at least 5:30 pm due to limited tables, chairs and parking space. I dropped my wife and daughter before I searched for parking space thus we were able to find a vacant table.

There was a drizzle after one hour thus diners started crowding under the limited tents. Otherwise diners can use the concrete bench under the trees.

Trust me, come early if you want to have the best seat in the house and of course parking space.

For private vehicles, if you are coming from Fairview area, right after crossing Tandang Sora flyover proceed to outer/Bus lane until you reach the main gate of AyalaLand. In case, you'll be coming from EDSA area just travel up to Quezon Circle then turn right to Commonwealth Avenue and make a U-turn under Tandang Sora flyover, near Iglesia ni Cristo Central.

In addition, around the tent you'll also find several fast food outlets but I am sure you won't come here for them.

Dadi's Berd

We'll try these on our next visit. Bon Appetit!

You may check their FB account: MezzaNorte for more details.

Mezza Part Two

We returned back to Mezza Norte today and continued our food tripping. However, it continued to rain for several hours thus it was difficult to drive home. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the food and even brought some for our midnight snack.

Additional shots:

55 pesos cheesy potato from "Mad About Spuds"

This one is really cheesy. Even my chicken fanatic youngest kid learned to love this.

100 pesos Nachos Grande from "Mexikanto"

Nothing special about this. Just an over-the-counter Nachos with assorted and spicy toppings.

110 pesos spicy Big Berd from "Dadi's Berd"

This can easily give Mang Inasal a fair competition. The tasty and boneless chicken is quite superb.

We spotted Glenda Garcia at Mezza Norte. She's at Happy Chef. I believe this is her personal business. 

We truly enjoyed Mezza Norte. For a cost of around 1000 pesos, five of us were satisfied. The price was competitive because it includes the main course, drinks, appetizers and desserts. I am looking forward for another family Mezza trip on my next vacation.

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