Sunday, September 2, 2012

King Bee Chinese Food, Commonwealth Avenue, QC

After the travel ban to Yemen has been lifted by our government, I am now able to enjoy my vacation in my home. Because of this, I have told myself that if I could make food reviews in other countries I have visited, I might as well post some reviews regarding our weekly family-day dining.

It was in this light that a Chinese restaurant along Commonwealth Avenue grabbed my attention while on our way to SM North. My wife confirmed that this restaurant has recently opened and she asked me to try it which I gladly complied.

The Chinese restaurant is King Bee Chinese Food. I have heard about this family owned Chinese restaurant before but not as famous as The President Tea House.

You will find the company profile on this link:

Having 3 kids who are picky eaters, my wife and I can't simply bring them to any restaurant without making sure that they would enjoy the food and ambiance. I learned this lesson hard when I brought them to an Indian restaurant in Bangkok. Long faces and lots of left-over, LOL. Anyway, it was our practice to scout first the restaurant and decide later whether we can bring our kids to that place thus we found ourselves trying our favorite menu at King Bee.

The first item we tried was their steamed seafood roll from their dim sum cart. When I was young, I never saw any dimsum cart in any Chinese restaurant we used to visit. Usually, everything has to be ordered direct from the waiter. Nowadays, these Chinese restaurants have evolved with time; you'll not only see dimsum cart peddled along the aisle but also tray of dessert and sweets. I have seen this practice also in Hong Kong restaurants.

seafood roll

To be honest, this is one of the best steamed seafood roll that I have tasted. Wifey had the same observation. This pair cost 95 pesos. I suggest you to try this one instead of the perennial favorite Hakaw (shrimp dimsum) or the infamous sharks fin. Sorry Guys, I am not pork (dimsum) fanboy.

My wife's favorite came next, Pancit Canton.

The saucy Pancit Canton looks appealing but it didn't satisfy our taste buds. We found it bland. We prefer a tastier or flavorful Pancit Canton though I must admit that it is competitively priced for around 200 pesos since this small size Canton is brimming with meaty ingredients as you can see on the picture. Anyway, you can always ask for extra seasoning such as soy sauce and calamansi.

My youngest kid's all-time favorite, the world-renown fried chicken.

Believe me when I say that my youngest kid can survive by eating fried chicken alone and without rice. By God's grace, literally we were praying for him to eat other food, he is now trying his best to eat roast chicken. Back to King Bee, the chicken was fried like a Peking duck. The skin was crispy while the meat was tender. Like any fried chicken, you would enjoy and appreciate this chicken while it is hot. This half-chicken cost us 240 pesos.

We ordered 50 pesos per cup plain rice. The rice was fluppy and flavorful but quite expensive.

Typical Chinese lanterns and deco adorn the interior of King Bee. The ambiance is nice and classy while the staffs are attentive to your needs. Additionally, like other Chinese restaurants, you will notice several ducks and chickens hanging inside a glass counter. According to my late Chinese grandfather, they need to hang or air dry those ducks so that the skin will separate from the meat. On top of these, there are several aquariums where live sea foods such as grouper (lapu-lapu) can be ordered.

For a small size order, the price ranges between 200 pesos to 300 pesos; it is enough for two persons.

This branch of King Bee is pretty convenient to visit due to spacious parking space outside and easily accessible by public transport such as bus, jeepneys and taxis. Not to mention the two storey building that can accommodate big numbers of diners anytime. The restaurant is located opposite of Ever Commonwealth.

We will definitely come back here for another round of our favorite Chinese food.

King Bee Part 2

With daughter in tow, the wife and I returned to King Bee. I asked the Dimsum cart lady to give my daughter our favorite seafood roll.

My daughter loved the seafood except the mushroom.

We avoided my wife's favorite Pancit Canton due to bland taste and ordered instead Fish Fillet in Black Taosi while my daughter settled for Fried Chicken.

The Yang Chow Rice and (Half) Fried Chicken costs more than 200 pesos each while the Fish Fillet was above 300 pesos. Each order is good for 2 to 3 people.

The three of us consumed everything; as usual, I played plates cleaner, LOL. In addition, hot tea came as freebies though nothing special with it.

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  1. Nice story you got here! By the way I just happen to see your blog while I was compiling the post of other bloggers about King Bee! Me and together with the other bloggers did a review about them and their foods. If you'll permit I will include yours as well.