Monday, October 1, 2012

Cambodia - Central Market in Phnom Penh

This market opened in 1937 and used to be the biggest market in Asia hence it was also known as Grand Market. It opens at 7 am and closes at 5 pm. I used to walk when visiting this place from Circuit Hotel; it is merely 2 blocks away. In between Circuit Hotel and CM is Sorya Mall thus after a tiring walk at CM I drop by at Sorya Mall for a quick snack.

This market is quite unique due to its design. It has a large dome structure at the middle of 4 long arms. The building is similar to an octopus with 4 tentacles, LOL.

jewelry shops at the dome
Due to its historical value, it is now considered as major land mark in Phnom Penh city thus a must-see for any tourist. Similar to Russian Market, you would find here many jewelry shops that offer competitive price. They are mainly located at the middle dome structure while you would find other products along the 4 arms. Likewise, clothing apparels, housewares, electronic and souvenir items, to name a few, also abound here. Further, there are also wet goods but they occupy only a small portion of the market.

I find the atmosphere here much preferable than in Russian Market. Airy, good visibility, organized and lots of elbow room for shoppers and tourists alike. Even so, you need to haggle seriously because I have noticed that the price is quite inflated for tourists.

Foodie will be glad to savor the local cuisines since the place is hygienically better than in Russian Market. I believe this is the only thing you can't haggle in this place.

You can come here by tuk-tuk; normally, fare is 2 USD.

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