Sunday, October 7, 2012

UAE - King Mindi Yemeni Restaurant, Abu Dhabi

Having spent many years in the Middle-East has made me familiar to their cuisine especially the way they cook lamb which I believe deserve praise and commendation.

During the last 5 years, while in Yemen, I have learned to love their Lamb Mendi and Madfon which are served during Friday in our camp restaurant. Likewise, whenever we have a celebration or holiday we feast on those cholesterol laden food. Admittedly, my diet goes straight to the waste bin whenever I indulge in those lamb dishes. Once I tasted it I learned to love it.

Filipinos are not normally lamb-eaters though there are restaurants in Manila where you can order lamb chops and lamb kebab. I doubt whether you can find Lamb Mendi or Lamb Madfon in Manila. Even if you find one, I believe the taste will not be as authentic as those in the Middle-East or Yemen due to their unique way of cooking.

Lamb Mendi is a traditional dish from Yemen and it is now popular in the whole Arab peninsula. The dish is usually made of Basmati rice with mixture of spices and lamb meat toppings. The lamb meat is initially half-boiled then cooked inside a special clay oven with fiery charcoal inside thus trapping the flavor within the meat.

For Lamb Madfon, the same colorful and fluppy Basmati rice mixed with spices and boiled lamb meat as topping. Sometimes the meat is wrapped inside aluminum foil thus retaining the juice and flavor while being boiled.

In both dishes, they used young and small lamb hence the fresh meat was tender and tasty once cooked.

In one of our training in Abu Dhabi city, my Yemeni colleagues invited me for lunch in King Mindi, a famous Yemeni restaurant near the corner of Moroor Street and Airport road.

As expected you won't find any chair and tables inside an authentic Arab restaurant; you seat and eat on carpeted floor with reclining pillows. The wallpapers are in gold color while the carpets and pillows are bright red which contribute to our appetite. To add, you need to remove your footwear before entering the restaurant.

Our group ordered both Lamb Mendi and Madfon. Our orders come with grated tomatoes with chili to garnish the meat. Tea and vegetable salad made our meal complete.

Lamb Madfon inside aluminum foil
Lamb Mendi

To protect the carpet, a plastic sheet was placed in our midst where the foods would be served. By doing this, it would be very easy to clean the area once we finished our meal. Simply remove the plates and roll the plastic. By the way, spoon and fork are to be requested in case you find it difficult to eat with your bare hands.

The Lamb Mendi costs 50 Dhs per order while Lamb Madfon was 45 Dhs. Drinks not included.

I feel sleepy, LOL

The large plate can be shared by several diners and sometimes we even take rice and meat from other plates in case they have left-overs, lol.

Lastly, they have also Chicken Mendi and Madfon.

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