Saturday, November 17, 2012

COMDDAP Expo 2012 - World Trade Center, Manila

The biggest IT show and bazaar in the country organized by Computer Manufacturers, Dealers and Distributors Association of the Philippines (COMDDAP) is being held at World Trade Center, Manila from November 16 to 18, 2012.

I brought my wife and youngest techie kid with me to the expo and fortunately, there was also an on-going NOEL bazaar sponsored by GMA 7 thus my wife's "shopping" mode has been triggered, LOL.

Presently, the annual COMDDAP Expo is the largest pre-holiday technology event in the country for consumers, enthusiasts and small business owners looking for promotional discounts, trade-ins and other special offers during the expo. You will find great buys not only for computer related gadgets but also smartphones as well. This year theme is "Make I.T. Work 4U."

Admission is free including a free copy of Manila Bulletin, lol. However, the registration was initially confusing. You need to fill-up a form then submit it to registration counter for your stick-on print-out name to be pasted on your shirt. Otherwise, security will not allow you to enter the expo area without your stick-on name on your shirt. Students need to register in different counter.

There are several seminars to be held daily regarding Windows 8 (Friday), Symantec (Saturday) and Cyber crime law (Sunday). Likewise, game tournament with 32 teams, each with 5 members in a battle of supremacy on popular games like DOTA, League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth.


Benq PC-less projector
Windows 8 booth

MSI Gamers laptop
Is this a PC or what?

Multimedia accessories
PC Buyer's Guide

Security gadgets

discounted laptops

The expo aims to exceed last year crowds of 17,000 visitors. This is our first time to attend this yearly event. The discount offered on some gadgets was truly amazing. The main drawback was that some exhibitors were not accepting cards as payment. I was bent on replacing my two-year old MSI dual-core laptop with Lenovo i5 laptop with 1 GB video card, LED display and 750 GB HDD plus 2 GB RAM and other common features such as DVD writer and HDMI output for 23,999 pesos only. It was almost a sale on their part if not for their cash only payment.

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