Thursday, November 15, 2012

KKK - SM City Annex North EDSA, Quezon City

Countless restaurants that specialize in Filipino cuisine have mushroomed in the metropolis in recent years and one of them was Kainan sa Kalye Kanluran or most commonly known as KKK. You may visit its FB page: KKK - Pinoy Food Revolution 

I brought my family to KKK last year's mother's day. Though it was more than a year ago, I still remember that we wanted to have a sumptuous lunch of our favorite kare-kare at Barrio Fiesta. The place was full at that time thus we ended dining at KKK at 2nd floor of SM City Annex. We ordered the famous Filipino dish kare-kare and to be honest, its kare kare was comparable to Barrio Fiesta's version of kare-kare. The viscous sauce was perfect while you can easily distinguish the flavor of ground peanut and the tenderness of beef.

Few days back, I decided to bring my family back to KKK at SM City Annex. We arrived at 11:15 am thus seats were immediately made available for five of us. KKK had one lady stationed at the entrance who guided us to a corner table. I noticed the Filipiniana style uniform of their service staff. Likewise, the interior was cleverly and artistically designed using local theme and native materials such as bamboo sticks, woods, glass and banig. Not to mention the glass bottle lighting. Actually, I have seen similar glass bottle lighting at Dapitan Arcade.

free appetizer

While rummaging through the menu, they served us free tray of "kropek" as appetizer and provided us glasses of cold water; two thumbs up for the service.

I ordered Beef Caldereta in San Miguel Cervesa while my wife requested for her all time favorite Pancit Bihon Guisado. Daughter and eldest settled for inihaw na Liempo sliced ala-bacon strip while my chicken fanatic youngest kid, as usual, asked for Chicken Barbeque.

Beef Caldereta in cervesa

Bihon Guisado and Inihaw na Liempo cut in Bacon strip

Chicken Barbeque

The thinly sliced Liempo was superb according to my family; forgive me for I am not a pork fanboi. Pancit was equally tasty and brimming with ingredients. Chicken barbeque though a bit charred was delightfully tender and filling due to big serving. The tender Beef Caldereta cooked in cervesa was a disappointment due to bland taste. Perhaps, we were used to my mother-in-law's spicy and flavorful home cooked Beef Caldereta.

My eldest son ordered suman at tsokolate as dessert. The suman was yummy when garnished with luscious chocolate syrup.

Daughter and youngest kid asked for their favorite leche plan. It came with macapuno topping. Nothing special about this one except the presentation.

cup of garlic rice

An order of any Beef dishes such as Caldereta costs more than 300 pesos while chicken and pork are priced at around 250 pesos per order. Pancit and other vegetables dishes are more than hundred pesos. Likewise, desserts such as suman and tsokolate can easily breach hundred pesos. Fancy drink such as Sago't Gulaman and chocolate shake are quite pricey. However, an order is good enough for two people.

A cup of garlic rice, if I remember it correctly, was 55 pesos while white rice was obviously a bit cheaper. However, I love their garlic rice due to strong garlic flavor caused by generous amount of fried garlic topping.

nice native ambiance
a very creative designed table napkin holder

staff uniform

I believe that KKK really stands for Pinoy Food Revolution since the Filipino dishes they serve have evolved or revolutionized in time. Diners would be amazed on some "catchy" menu items such as Caldereta in Cervesa, Crispy Kangkong and Binagoongang Lechon Kawali to name a few. The price is reasonable considering the professional and prompt service, quality of food and unique "local" ambiance you seldom see in other Filipino restaurant. To add, there is no service charge at KKK.

I would definitely bring back my family to KKK in near future. By the way, to save on your bill, just settle for plain and chilled water they serve since you can have your fancy drink cheaper at other drink or coffee stations.

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