Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dapitan Arcade - Quezon City

Every year, before Christmas season starts, my wife and I see to it that we pay a visit to Dapitan Arcade; our favorite source of affordable Christmas and house decor.

There are a host of reasons why Dapitan Arcade can easily give any mall a run for its money when it comes to home accessories, ceramic kitchen wares and even Christmas decor. For one, the affordability and quality of the products being sold will really amaze any shopper. In fact, some known local home designers used to frequent this place from time to time  in search of cheaper materials for their projects.

I remember our first visit to Dapitan Arcade many years back; it used to be a corner single story structure with shops selling mostly export over-run products.

From a single structure arcade, the place has gotten better over time. It now boasts several "mini-tiangge" and streets full of vendors selling different merchandises. It is with regret that I have noticed that made in China products starts appearing in some shops. I hope this place will continue to be known as factory outlets of our country's exporters of handicraft, furniture and other local products. So in a sense, this place could become a must place to visit not only for local shoppers but for foreigner as well looking for cheap home accessories and souvenir items.


more house decors
life-size santa

During off-season, we are able to park our car in front of the arcade or shops. These days, it would be extremely difficult to find a parking space along the main road or in front of the shops. Nevertheless, a pay parking lot at the back of the arcade never fails us. 

Dapitan Arcade is open year round but when Christmas season starts the nearby streets also overflow with Christmas items or merchandises. Many of them are being delivered to this place from different provinces.


More tellingly, my wife is always in seventh heaven when she's exploring the three aisles inside the arcade due to overflowing home accessories, glass lighting and fixtures, ceramic kitchen wares, decorative boxes and many more. One time we ended buying a multi-colored carbon fiber sunburst mirror for 2,500 pesos after haggling; you may see the item on my blog cover shot.

Two years back, we purchased a hanging Santa with Merry Christmas sign. Last year, due to travel ban to my place of work I wasn't able to accompany my wife to Dapitan. Nonetheless, she bought a capiz Christmas lantern for around 600 pesos. This lantern can easily double its price if bought from a shopping mall.

Santa and the reindeer

For this coming Christmas, we bought a Santa with reindeer rope lights with metal support. It is made in Pampanga. We paid 2,500 pesos for this colorful Santa with reindeer. I have compared the quality of workmanship of this Santa with other Santa and reindeer rope lights being peddled in some places. Trust me, I can hold my Santa in one corner without the whole piece getting bend. I am planning to install this in our second floor balcony facing the road.

To get to Dapitan Arcade, if you are coming from EDSA or QC Circle, two blocks before reaching Welcome Rotunda along Quezon Avenue, turn right at Speaker Perez or Apo Avenue then turn left after 2 corners to reach Dapitan Arcade.

Coming from Espana or Manila area, go around Welcome Rotunda and turn at Mayon Avenue where a 24 hour Jollibee outlet is located; it is near the footbridge or overpass. Turn right after two corners from Jollibee. Likewise, if you will commute alight at Burger King near Rotunda and take a jeepney from that area going to DA. To add, I am sure all taxi drivers know this place if you intend to go there by taxi. In case you get lost, no need to panic, locate Welcome Rotunda first then ask those jeepney barkers and parking boys around how to get to Dapitan Arcade. In fact, if you have sturdy legs, Dapitan Arcade is walking distance from Welcome Rotunda though I won't dare do that with wife in tow, LOL.

My advice to would be shoppers at DA, haggle hard as if there is no tomorrow, LOL.

27 October 2013

After our regular visit to Quiapo yesterday we passed at Dapitan. As usual, countless vendors are selling their (Christmas) wares along the streets around Dapitan Arcade.


our favorite character rope lights

from 2,900 pesos we got this pair of angel rope lights for 2,700 pesos

rope lights
10 meter assorted colors rope light

In shopping malls, a 10 meter plain/white rope lights costs 1,299 pesos while in Dapitan, from 80 pesos per meter of assorted color rope lights we were able to lower it to 70 pesos per meter after haggling. We asked the guy to prepare 2 pieces 10 meters assorted color rope lights with individual controller/blinker. 

I got this vintage wall clock for 500 pesos. This clock would look great in my new entertainment room.

07 Nov 2013. For the vintage wall clock above, it seemed we were ripped-off at Dapitan Arcade. We found the same wall clock at Platinum Mall, Bangkok City a few days back priced at 250 Baht or 350 Pesos only. Some models were even available at Landmark, Trinoma Mall at more than 300 Pesos.