Sunday, December 16, 2012

Malaysia - Beryl's Chocolate Kingdom, Kuala Lumpur

On my first trip to Kuala Lumpur with my colleague, one of the places we loved to visit was Central Market mainly because of Beryl's Chocolate. The lady manning the Beryl's chocolate cart is a Filipina born in Malaysia. She speaks Tagalog but hasn't seen the Philippines yet.

During my second trip to Kuala Lumpur, my wife and youngest kid visited me for a few days. We stayed in hotel near KL Sentral. On their first day, I brought them to Menara Tower since we didn't have the time to queue for Petronas Tower Skybridge. When we were about to leave, we were asked by their concierge staff if we want to avail their taxi package for 25 RM. The taxi would drop us at Beryl's Chocolate Kingdom then to KLCC (Petronas Towers). Pardon? Beryl's what?

It was the first time we heard about Beryl's Chocolate Kingdom so were very eager to visit the place thus; we availed their taxi package.

Upon arrival, the taxi driver told us that he would wait for 30 minutes outside. When I looked at my youngest kid I saw his faced brightened. Aha! I remembered that he was the one raiding the chocolates I used to bring when I come home for my vacation. I'd not be surprised because kids are normally choco addicts.

From outside, Beryls' Chocolate Kingdom is like a big Villa filled with chocolate goodies. I found it odd to be in a residential area and away from any touristy place. Nenotheless, I noticed an endless arrival of taxi and private vehicles bringing with them wide-eyed tourists eager to have a taste of Malaysia's famous chocolate.

Upon entering the place, countless chocolate varieties greeted us and the best thing was the free taste. We tried tasting the different flavored chocolates; actually we took our snack there, LOL. Wife and I liked the Tiramisu and Tongkat Ali flavored chocolate while hating the Durian flavored.

Beryl's chocolates come in different packaging and designs. This is paradise for chocolate fanboys, trust me. To add, there are choco biscuits as well.

However, upon checking the price, I told my wife not to buy anything from here. The assorted chocolates, if my memory serves me right, costs more than 40 RM per 500 grams while I can buy them at Central Market for 19 RM. It seems that only tourists are coming here thus, Beryl's products are quite pricey if you buy them here.

We maximized our time inside and again the free taste. After exactly 30 minutes, we searched for our taxi. Even though we didn't buy anything from here I knew that my kid was satisfied with all those free taste.

Beryl's Chocolate Cart at Central Market

On their second day at KL, I brought my wife and kid to Central Market; she bought 5 jars of assorted Beryl's chocolate at 19 RM each jar while the the chocolate in box costs 4 RM each. You can even ask for a discount if you buy several jars or boxes.

In my case, I bought several jars as well for my Yemeni colleagues. They learned to love Beryl's chocolates too. Since I haven't had enough time to go to KL during my later vacations to Singapore thus; I bought several jars at Mustafa Shopping Center. However, it was a bit pricier to buy Beryl's chocolate in Singapore. It costs me around 25 RM per jar.


  1. I'm wondering why is it expensive in the Beryl's Chocolate Kingdom wherein it seems to be an outlet factory.

    1. Yes, it is an outlet factory that caters mainly to tourists and not the general public; this could be the reason for the price difference, if I may say so.. Though the price is quite expensive the place boasts countless varieties of Beryls Chocolate which obviously can't be found in any of its outlets located in public places such as Central Market. Not to mention the free taste.

    2. But are those chocolates being sold in the Central Market authentic? Would like to buy for pasalubong.

    3. Yes. You will find the same varieties at Mustafa mall in Singapore.

  2. Where to find just a plain beryl's orange flavor chocolate in Singapore.