Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thailand - Terminal 21, Bangkok City

Terminal 21 opened in October 2011. If you haven't visited this place you might assume that it is one of the generic shopping malls in Bangkok City. However, once you have set foot on this mall you will surely realize that this mall is indeed unique in its own way. You will be amazed by its different floor concept and architectural design.

Terminal 21 shopping mall has 9 floors with individual concept, namely:

LG Floor: Caribbean
G Floor: Rome
M Floor: Paris
1st Floor: Tokyo
2nd Floor: London
3rd Floor: Istanbul
4th Floor: San Francisco (City)
5th Floor: San Francisco (Pier)
6th Floor: Hollywood

Actually, there is nothing impressive on the brands and items being sold here since we have identified several shops which can be found also at Platinum Mall. Moreover, the luxury brands at G Floor are also locators in SIAM Malls in Bangkok City.

Most of the people or tourists who have visited this place came here due to the unique design of each floor. The fact is, we also paid a visit to this mall during our recent business trip in Bangkok City to satisfy our curiosity.

The toilets also follow the concept of each floor. Actually, I am planning to make a dedicated post regarding the ladies toilets inside Terminal 21; my daughter took some shots inside out of curiosity.

Some shots inside:







San Francisco


It is fortunate that most shops and boutiques here sell mainstream and local brands though LG Floor (Rome) caters mainly to luxury brands clients. The wife and daughter bought several pull-over at an affordable price compared in some shops in Manila.

Coming from Wat Po Temple, we took a taxi meter and paid 100 THB. However, if you have the luxury of time you can come here by BTS Skytrain (Asok Station) and Bangkok Metro (Sukhumvit Station).

Though Terminal 21 will attract first timers in Bangkok City I believe returning tourists are not that eager anymore to spend time here on their following visits. Like in our case, after seeing the place we won't bother returning here on our future business trips since we believe that the attractions inside the shopping mall are obviously superficial compared to Thailand's numerous historical temples, places and eco-tours.

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