Sunday, December 22, 2013

B-Gallery Mall - Pratunam, Bangkok City

In September 2013, Baiyoke group opened B-Gallery Mall in Pratunam area.

The mid-size 5-level mall is located just a stone throw away from the famous Pratunam Market and Baiyoke Suites. Actually, you can access this mall along the side street of Pratunam Market.

Sloping Floors

What made this mall unique from other wholesale malls in the area was the sloping floors that allowed the shoppers to walk to all levels without the aid of escalators and lifts.

The price is usually posted but you can still haggle in case you intend to buy in wholesale quantity or at least 3 pieces.

During our business trip to Bangkok last October we were fortunate to see that B-Gallery fashion mall was already opened for business. I vividly remember seeing the mall being constructed in our previous trips.

I can say that shopping inside B-Gallery is quite comfortable compared to shopping at Pratunam Market. However, price-wise, my wife and I still prefer to buy our merchandises from Pratunam Market and its early morning street market.

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