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Camayan Beach Resort and Hotel - Subic Bay

Early last year, a post on FB went viral regarding a jellyfish sting on a kid while swimming at Camayan Beach Resort and Hotel. The mother posted the pictures of her poor kid with red marks around his legs and complained about the hotel staff negligence. As expected, the post of a mother garnered tremendous support and feedback from Netizens. As a father of 3 kids I can't imagine how painful it would be for a child to experience such thing thus I left a sympathy comment too. Because of this incident, I forego my plan to visit Camayan last summer.

Past forward; my family preferred to have a road trip to Subic instead of Baguio during the New Year holiday. I suggested another well-known beach resort in Subic but they all selected Camayan Beach Resort and Hotel due to positive reviews on the net. I was outvoted and eventually gave-in. Anyway, jellyfish attack occurs in almost all the famous beaches in Philippines not only at Camayan Beach. Moreover, the FB post was about negligence of the Camayan staff which was obviously has nothing to do with the jellyfish itself thus I told myself that since I had no choice but to go with the flow I should be prepared in case this incident happens to my kids.

Room 3219 is at the second floor

room veranda

I booked a de luxe room through emails and requested a second floor at the new building which the hotel granted. We arrived at Camayan at around 1 pm on 4th of January after taking our lunch at Xtremely Expresso Cafe at Olongapo City. The room would be released at 2 pm thus we loitered inside the resort and occupied a table at The Reef Restaurant. I scanned the place and noticed the manned life guard and first-aid stations along the beach. Well, I could say that it lessened my apprehension about allowing my kids to swim. Actually, it was a first time for my family to swim at the beach. As for me, I have swum in different beaches in Luzon from Pangasinan to Batangas areas.

Their de luxe room per night is 5,000 pesos for double occupancy though it can accommodate up to 5 adults. Since we were 5, the hotel charged us 5,000 pesos for the room plus extra 500 pesos for additional person or 1,500 pesos more plus the usual 10% service charge. They charged my credit card 7,150 pesos on the spot. In addition to that, I was asked for 1,000 pesos refundable deposit which they returned after our check-out and a clearance from housekeeping.

horse-playing kids

We settled in our room and enjoyed their few channels on Cignal TV. The family took a rest after a long journey while I enjoyed their complimentary tea. We were given 5 bottles of mineral water as well. The toilet amenities were also increased up to 5 persons. An extra mattress was also added in our room. Further, since it was our first time at Camayan, the housekeeping supervisor oriented us regarding the policy of the hotel.

I enjoyed the view from our second floor veranda. It was overlooking the garden and sea view was superb. Our building was also far from the day crowd.

beach front

restaurant inside the resort

At around 4 pm, the whole family decided that it was time to have a dip at the beach. Surprisingly, even if there was nothing spectacular on the beach, my family enjoyed swimming until 7 pm. My fear of the jellyfish attack disappeared instantly upon seeing that many resort's guests were enjoying the beach as well. That was also the first time I saw my whole family enjoyed swimming at the beach. Famished, I told my family that it was time to prepare for dinner otherwise the hotel staff might end up reminding us that night swimming was until 8:30 pm only.

We prepared for dinner and headed to The Reef Restaurant.

We occupied a table for 6 and ordered a family menu which consists of Beef Caldereta, Fried Crispy Calamares, Pinakbet, Bihon Guisado, Grilled Chicken Fillet and Pork Belly. The menu comes with rice, a liter of iced tea and soup of the day which they forgot to serve. The family menu was priced at 1,650 pesos plus 10% service charge. I requested my favorite drink, San Mig Light. In fairness, the food was superb and yummy.

a Caucasian guest jamming with the band

After a sumptuous dinner, the family left me since I wanted to chill and enjoy the music of the live band. The band performed quite well thus I ended up downing 5 Red Horses and small plate of peanut. Several guests were invited to jam with the band. One Caucasian guest brought down the house when he played the lead guitar and performed ala-Santana. I ended up requesting my fav song which costs me 50 pesos, LOL.

I went back to our room at 11 pm and slept soundly according to my wife.

At 8 am we had our breakfast at The Reef Restaurant. The buffet breakfast consists mainly of garlic fried rice, boneless daing na bangus (dried milkfish), scrambled egg and cocktail hotdogs aside from the usual bread, spreads and cereals. My wife requested a hotdog omelette from a stand-by cook. While having our breakfast I noticed that beach combers and day tour groups have started arriving and occupied the beach huts. I believe swimming activity is allowed as early as 6 am when the life guard has reported for duty.

Unfortunately, the 4 shows at nearby Ocean Adventure would consume our whole day starting at 10 am thus we opted not to watch them anymore. Anyway, we have watched almost the same dolphin and sea lion show at Ocean Park in Hong Kong. To add, hotel guests can avail a 20% discount on Ocean Adventure ticket.

We checked out at 11 am without any ado. It was fast and smooth since we have called the reception to send housekeeping for inspection prior to our check-out.

To sum it all, my family and I were truly satisfied with the hotel's friendly and approachable staffs especially their housekeeping and restaurant. The hotel ambiance was great though the beach wasn't impressive at all; black sand and some small rocks were protruding. The hotel's room rate could be a bit costlier compared to other nearby resorts and hotels but considering the facilities and professional services I could say that it was worth staying at Camayan. The only thing that my family found lacking was the absence of banana boat. I suggested kayaking but there was no kayak that can accommodate 5 person, LOL.

Lastly, it is worth to mention that they have an ATM near the restaurant.

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  1. Hi thanks for the blog - we will stay and spend our NY eve at this resort this year :)