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Dad's Review - Blaupunkt Comfort 112 Noise Canceling Headphone

If you think Christmas is only for the kids then think again. So they say that Dad should be the one buying gifts for his kids it also goes without saying that he also deserves something for himself during this holiday season.

In short I gifted myself with a pair of noise canceling headphone last Christmas. I have a noise canceling in-ear buds that comes with my SONY MP4 Walkman. It's still working fine but there are times that I wish that my noise canceling earphone would provide a louder bass and clearer voice especially when I am watching a movie during my more than 8 hours flight between Manila and Dubai.

I tested several types of headphones at Dubai Duty Free many times before but sad to say the ones that were having a noise canceling function were way too far from my budget. Their prices range from as low as 200 USD to sometimes as high as 500 USD. I won't mention the brands anymore but for Audiophiles out there I am sure you are well aware about these famous headphones brands.

Sad to say, I was mobilized by my new company and I need to leave Philippines on 1st of December last year. Due to this, the whole family went for early Christmas shopping on Friday before my flight. While the family was busy at Uniqlo, Cotton On and Forever 21 at SM The Block I proceeded to SM Appliance Center. While scanning the gadgets on display like I usually do when the family is busy shopping my eyes caught something inside the glass cabinet. I saw a single pair of Blaupunkt noise canceling headphone worth 5,990 pesos. I couldn't believe seeing a low-priced branded noise canceling headphone. I have met Blaupunkt while in abroad thus I knew that I need to simply test the unit to convince myself to buy it.

I tested the unit using my S3 mobile phone. I immediately fell in love with it. The sound quality is almost at par with some of the more expensive noise canceling headphones I tested before and it doesn't look bulky compared to other brands as well. Moreover, it has a detachable cable with 3.5 mm stereo jack at both sides thus you can easily replace the cable unlike the other headphones where you won't be able to use it anymore once its cable has been damaged. The unit comes also with a stereo jack adapter which can be used for large music amplifier and most importantly it has a dual connector for airplane's in-flight entertainment.

Since this unit is using an active adjustable level active noise canceling function that needs 2 AAA size battery, you can now have your quiet time while inside a jumbo jet by simply using the noise canceling function of the headphone; you may remove and store the cord away. Unlike my SONY Walkman where both ear buds and MP4 unit are required to have a noise free environment which can be troublesome especially when the buds' cable gets entangled with my arms.

No worries about battery life since I have used a single pair in both of my 8+ hour's trips and they still have plenty of juice left. Furthermore, while other headphone brands that will stop working when its battery goes dead, this headphone can be used even without battery albeit its noise canceling function.

Its comfortable around the ear fitting pads also reduces the surrounding noise. Another plus is the sturdy case where I can even put my SONY Walkman and spare battery.

With this kind of noise canceling headphone, I can now enjoy my music from my Yamaha amplifier inside the comfort of my entertainment room without getting disturbed by occasional noise coming from my neighbor's motorbike and ambient noise from the wife, LOL. The kids also borrow my headphone from time to time since it can be connected literally to all music sources with stereo jack such as MP3, MP4, mobile phones, laptops, etc. Unmistakably, its affordability and functionality is unbeatable if I may say so.

Another thing aside from the warranty that made me decide to buy this headphone immediately was the "Buy Now Pay Later Plan" of my credit card provider. I would be paying this unit after 60 days and guess what, I was able to avail a 6 month payment period without interest as well. What more can a Dad ask for?

By the way, don't bother checking this unit at SM The Block Appliance Center since I have bought the last unit available. You won't see this model either at both SM Appliance Centers (Basement and Ground Floor) at SM North EDSA, trust me.

Update: Nov 20, 2015

After almost two years of normal use my headphone's plastic frame cracked and gave way. Perhaps, it is about time to go Solo2.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post and Dad's review maybe different from trendy kids' expectations. 

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