Monday, January 20, 2014

Coco Lime Restaurant - Subic Bay Freeport, Olongapo City

On the last day of our Subic, Zambales road trip we searched the net where we can take our lunch before heading back to Manila. Aside from Xtremely Xpresso Cafe another name kept on appearing on top 10 restaurants in Olongapo. Coco Lime Restaurant has been receiving good reviews on net thus after checking out from Camayan Resort and Hotel we drove back to Olongapo City and searched Coco Lime. It was pretty easy to find the place since it was just beside SM Olongapo and Harbor Point.

Upon settling down, my family started scrutinizing the menu. We noticed that their specialty was Asian cuisine; great for our grumbling tummy aside from the fact that we have a long journey ahead of us thus we need to be full and satisfied.

inside Coco Lime

Since an order of rice wasn't enough for 5 person we decided to order both pineapple and binagoongan rice.

chunky pineapple ri

When visiting Bangkok, my wife and I love their pineapple rice thus we asked the kids to try them too. Surprisingly, unlike the normal pineapple rice we have eaten in Bangkok where the rice was simply put inside a hollowed pineapple, Coco Lime's pineapple rice was teeming with chunks of pineapple. It seemed the entire pineapple fruit was cooked together with the rice. Fortunately the pineapple was sweet otherwise I won't dare touch it.

Their binagoongan rice surprised us as well due to generous chunks of pork bits on top of it. Sorry for me since I don't eat pork thus I settled for the tasty rice with bagoong. Two thumbs up for this.

The Shrimp Tempura was a stunner too. The breading was thin and crispy while the shrimps have decent size. Anyhow, they were just shrimps and they won't taste differently.

We also ordered Beef Kare-Kare, our family's all time favorite. Coco Lime's Kare-Kare was comparable to Barrio Fiesta's Kare-Kare if I may say so. The luscious sauce was thick with peanut sauce while the tender beef and tripe were perfectly complimented by slightly salty shrimp paste (bagoong). I missed the banana heart; I always asked my mother-in-law to add banana heart when I asked her to cook Kare-Kare at home.

Their 3 pieces Chicken Inasal passed our standard. None of those charred chicken skin and meat. You can savor the smoky flavor while the meat was juicy and tender.

Our youngest kid asked a Thai BBQ Delight for himself. It was a bit spicy but sweet according to him. He consumed it all thus I took his words that he was satisfied.

For dessert my kids begged for Choco Overload and Mango Cheesecake. They immediately devoured those sweets leaving none for their Mom, lol. By the way, cakes are ordered separately from their cake corner. However, the server would gladly assist you in this case.

Our bill was under 2,000 pesos inclusive of Iced Tea tower. The price was reasonable and the service was fast.

To add, Coco Lime is open during lunch (11 am - 1:45pm) and dinner (5 pm - 10 pm) only.

We will definitely come back to this place whenever we visit Subic in the future. I highly recommend this place for any group that plans to visit Olongapo City.

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