Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dad's Review - National Bookstore Warehouse Sale

Photo credit: National Bookstore FB page

National Bookstore is again having its warehouse (super) sale from 15 to 19 January 2014 at its Quezon Avenue branch. I mentioned super sale because in November 2013 NB's warehouse sale, the items on sale were further reduced up to 50% of the tag price. This is one of those warehouse sales that any Dad would love to pay a visit.

Wow! A Tom Clancy's novel at 37.50 pesos
After 50% off: 25 pesos and 50 pesos books

I bought several pocketbooks last November 2013 for as low as 50 pesos each. The same pocket books are now priced 50% less of the tag price; see above pics.

old sale price was 158 pesos
new price is 50 pesos

I was lucky not to purchase the above rugged and handy artist pail or bin last time. I fell in love with it but its price of 158 pesos was a bit steep last November. This morning I got the same item for 50 pesos. This will go fine with my repairing and other carpentry tools. I should had bought 3 pieces.

50 pesos laptop soft case

Some gifts and novelty items prices are incredibly low as well such as the above laptop soft sleeve. I doubt whether you can buy the same item at the same price at CD-R King, another favorite place of frugal Dads.

less crowd during office hours

This is the third time we visited the warehouse sale of National Bookstore at 4th Floor Quezon Avenue. The first time was in early last year if my memory serves me right but the place was too crowded at that time. It was our mistake to visit the place after office hours thus my family and I were discouraged to explore the place and ended up buying a single pocket book only.

The second time we participated at National Bookstore's warehouse sale was in November (14 - 19) last year also. My wife and I went there during lunch time and we found the place almost empty thus I got myself several pocket books and an LED torch which I planned to use in case our family car breaks down at the middle of the night while my wife bought a 100 pesos Physics textbook for our youngest son.

Today, my wife and I were there at around lunch time and enjoyed sorting the items on sale due to lighter crowd. However, I believe that after office hours throngs of students and book lovers would amass in that area. You have been tipped.

For all the Dads out there, what are you waiting for? You can find plenty of novels by well known authors for as low as 50 pesos. The books could be old releases but great stories won't get stale. Moreover, plenty of text and reference books can be found at amazingly low price as well.

Going to this place  is pretty easy since it is only around 1 kilometer away from intersection of Quezon Avenue and EDSA. If you are traveling along Quezon Avenue and going to QC Circle the place is at the right side before EDSA while if you are going to Welcome Rotonda then you need to cross the road to reach the place.


  1. The sale is even better now but it's a shame that I have work for 6 days a week so Sunday is the only available day to go in these kinds of events.

    Sir by any chance have you seen any manga or anime graphic novels in the sale? Those are particularly what I look for and we plan to go there this Sunday. Thanks in advance for any sort of reply and nice review too!

  2. I saw plenty of comic and magazines but I have no idea whether they are anime or manga since I am not very fond of them.

  3. How often does this happen, once a year lang ba? :)

    1. I think every few months. Last year ay twice sila nag sale then for this year ay last January pa lang so I expect na baka during summertime ay mag sale ulit sila. Just monitor NB's Faacebook page.

  4. meron ulit sa march ..i'm wondering po...mga lumang libro lang po ba ang binebenta nila sa warehouse sale??
    i mean yung mga latest at sikat po ba hindi kasama??