Friday, February 21, 2014

Siam Niramit - Thailand's Must See Show

We've been hearing about this place since we step foot in Thailand a few years back. However, due to its price and being unheard of from other fellow Filipino tourists we decided to visit other touristy places in Bangkok such as Grand Palace, Buddhist Temples, Chatuchak and Floating Market, among others during our previous trips in Bangkok.

This time, after completing our business in Bangkok the wife and I decided to pay a visit at Siam Niramit. We asked the hotel staff to arrange our trip to this place. The tour agent priced was 1,700 THB per person inclusive of dinner buffet and round trip transfer. We gladly accepted the deal since other agents were asking 1,800 THB.

The chartered taxi fetched us from our hotel at exactly 5:30 pm; we arrived at Siam Niramit at around 6 pm. The place is actually within Bangkok City.

The driver asked us to wait inside the taxi while he purchased two tickets. There is a portion on the ticket that needs to be pasted on our shirt indicating our reserved seat number while another receipt was issued for the dinner buffet.

A staff immediately took our photo at the entrance. I told my wife to prepare for a souvenir picture. We roamed inside the complex and had some photo shots around the open court and inside Thai Village.

the center of attraction; the elephant not me, LOL

photo shots with mythical beings

boat ride around Thai Village

typical Thai house
We found nothing special at Thai Village due to its similarities to our country. We have almost the same native houses and rural ambiance. In addition to Thai Village, you can have your picture taken with two domesticated elephants roaming around with their trainers or visit the souvenir shops. Be aware though that the prices of souvenirs are a bit inflated.

After half an hour we proceeded to the 3rd floor of the main building for the buffet dinner; dinner actually starts at 6 pm. For 300 THB, we were expecting a so-so buffet like what our family had during our previous day-tour in Thailand. Surprisingly enough, I counted 10 main courses from the buffet table aside from the salad and dessert bars. The main courses are comprised of fried chicken, steamed and fried fish fillet, squid, buttered spinach and plenty of sea foods, no pork. Not to mention my favorite Tom Yum soup. I was delighted for I knew that I wouldn't be able to order these foods for 300 THB outside Siam Niramit. As expected, soda, juices and alcoholic drinks are not included on the buffet but you can order them separately. I skipped the salad bar and indulge at dessert bar. I love their yummy pudding or cakes.

meaty part

salad bar

dessert bar

After filling my tummy up to the brim, I asked my wife to have some fresh air outside. Unknown to us a local magician was already entertaining the crowds outdoor. All chairs have been occupied thus we had no choice but to finish the show standing. After the magic show a series of traditional dances were performed. At the middle of the performance some of the audience were coerced by the dancers to participate. The finale was a courting dance by a demon to a mythical being.

magic show

native dance

a Thai family dance

guests participated on "tinikling" bamboo stick dance

demon and mythical creature dance

The outdoor presentation finished at quarter to 8 pm after which all of us raced to the theater. Cameras and videocams are strictly prohibited inside. Staffs would check and inspect all bags and pockets. You would be asked to deposit your cameras and videocams at the counter though camera phones are allowed.

Our seats were at row W no 43 & 44. Fortunately, the seat row started at the back thus we were quite near the stage.

The entire show narrates the history and mythical or religious beliefs of Thai people. It started by reliving the glorious past of Thailand which includes the Northen Kingdom, the influence of Overseas Traders, the Heritage of Khmer Civilization and the Greatness of the Mighty Capital. After the historical parts come the religious and mythical parts of the show which narrate the hell, mythical forest and heaven while the final part was the Journey through Joyous Festival.

During the show, there were instances that huge statues on stage would be replaced by another in just a matter of minutes. The stage even accommodated 2 elephants in one part of the show. Likewise a river suddenly appeared at the front part of the stage while fog, lighting and rainfall were realistically simulated as well. The special effects are definitely world class.

The best part of the show for me was when the 12 pairs of performers were gliding and flying in the air through the help of "invisible harnesses." The scene was truly magical and breathtaking.

At the end of the show all the performers and dancers appeared on-stage. I lost count of them but I am sure that their numbers have reached more than one hundred. Moreover, the traditional and unique attires and costumes were obviously done meticulously.

But more than that, the major factor that contributed to Siam Niramit's success was its behemoth stage. There was no denying that the way they moved and changed the gigantic props and set-up was unbelievable. Though the show was divided in several parts the series of presentations were done seamlessly without interrupting the entire performance. In fact I can honestly say that the presentation and whole set-up was even better compared with Golden Mickey of Hong Kong Disneyland. It is therefore not surprising to know that Siam Niramit's stage has been listed on Guinness Book of World Record as the highest in the world.

200 THB souvenir shot
Since video recording and photography inside are not allowed I can't post any visual about the show. However, I can attest that the show is definitely world class and truly amazing; something that Thailand's tourism industry should be proud of. It gives the audience a birds-eye view of the history of Thailand and its religious beliefs while at the same time being entertained by its glamorous and superbly orchestrated performance.

The show ended at almost 9:30 pm. Our taxi was waiting for us at the parking area. I tipped the guy 50 THB.

I highly recommend this to any tourists in Bangkok who wish to experience something traditional and bang for the bucks.

For more details of the show you can visit Siam Niramit's website.


  1. Hello po. I'm planning to watch Siam Niramit on my next visit to BKK, tanong lang po, do they allow the guests to ride the elephant?

    1. I don't think they allow it since you need a especial seat strapped around the elephant before you can ride on it. But you can feed and touch them while having your pictures taken.

  2. Thank you for your excellent blog.