Saturday, March 1, 2014

Big Better Burger (BBB) - The Annex, SM City North EDSA

Tired of the usual burgers and meals being peddled by large burger chains? Then don't despair since a new and not-so-famous burger joint is now making a buzz in the Metro.

BBB at The Annex, SM City North EDSA

Being adventurous and tired of the usual fast food joints I coerced my wife to try Big Better Burger while on our way to Ace Hardware at The Annex, SM City North EDSA.

The place seemed bare since the usual crowds you see at other burger joints were missing. At any rate, it didn't prevent us from trying this burger joint with a catchy name.

We weren't disappointed since my wife and I were one in concluding that BBB's menu was amazingly unique and exciting. The taste of their grilled burger is even at par or better to some extent compared with other known burger brands in the Metro. Because of this we made it a point to bring our kids on our next visit.

With family in tow we returned to BBB at The Annex one weekend and thankful due to the absence of the usual "burger crowds" at lunch time.

One would be surprised to note that BBB has its own character far from the usual generic design of other burger joints. Wooden chairs and tables and a small counter comprise the interior. Gone are the plastic wares and stainless dining set-up.


The kids surprisingly enjoyed scrutinizing the menu since they have been accustomed in selecting their burgers from lighted billboards at the counters. Being unfamiliar with BBB's exotic burger meals they played safe and settled for 1/3 pound Cheese Explosion while my wife and I chose 1/3 pound Shitake Teriyaki Rice. We added 45 pesos to convert our order into value meal; fries and regular drink included.

sizzling burger with chunky Shitake slices in sweet Teriyaki sauce

Admittedly, BBB's grilled burger is somewhat similar to Burger King; smoky flavored and tasty. However at BBB, you have several options to go with your burgers such as Shitake, Pesto, among others. I am an avid fan of Ultimate Burger of Jollibee since I am more satisfied eating burger patty with rice. Hence at BBB, aside from my Shitake order, I can enjoy my burger with different kinds of rice and sauces. In addition, unlike in other burger joints where your order or meal usually await for you on their "production lines," at BBB the burger will be grilled after an order has been placed thus you have to let it cool down before gobbling it up. You have been warned, LOL.

newly grilled burger and bun with crispy fries

Our kids loved their cheesy one-third pounder smoky flavored burger and the large and crispy fries as well. Observing them I knew that their perspective for a normal burger meal has been changed to say the least.

Considering the affordable price, homey dining ambiance and the uniqueness of the menu I highly recommend this place to any adventurous individual who has gotten tired of the fast-paced crowds and their usual burger meals.

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