Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Thank you Emirates Airline

I have many reasons to say thank you to Emirates Airline due to countless travel comforts it has provided to me during the past years. The most recent was an upgrade to A380 business class from Bangkok to Dubai a few months back.

Yesterday, Emirates deserved another BIG THANKS!!!

I was on my way back to Philippines from my work in Yemen.

Due to a hectic schedule and back breaking job on my last day at work I fell asleep during my flight from Sana'a City to Dubai Airport. I normally sound-trip during my flight using my noise-canceling Blaupunkt Headphone connected to my SONY Walkman MP4 player. After an hour of sound-tripping I felt sleepy thus I put all my music kit inside my headphone's black pouch and stored it inside my seat pocket.

my music kit

Before deplaning at Dubai Airport, I had some conversation with a fellow Filipino passenger hence I completely forgot my music kit until I was arranging the chocolates I bought at Duty Free. I noticed that something was missing in my back pack. My world shattered upon learning that my favorite and expensive travel gadget was missing. My MP4 player has accompanied me in my previous trips aside from the fact that it is my most important travel gadget. I bought my Walkmman for almost 12,000 pesos a few years back while my 6,000 pesos Blaunpunkt noise canceling headphone was my Christmas gift to myself. I found it hard to accept that around 18,000 pesos of hard earned money would go to bin due to my forgetfulness.

Remembering how efficient Emirates Airline I raced immediately to Concourse B Business Lounge at around 3:30 pm and informed the counter staff about my predicament. A call to Lost & Found didn't give any positive result but we were asked to call back after an hour. The business lounge staff reckoned me to have some snacks and rest then come back at 4:30 pm.

I wasn't able to enjoy any food and drink inside the lounge since there was a possibility that a fellow passenger or a cleaning staff might get interested to my music kit; the wife was also upset since she knew that a replacement unit was in the offing, LOL. Nonetheless, at exactly 4:30 pm I returned back to the same staff. Another call to Lost & Found bore positive result. My music kit was with them and in twenty minutes it would be delivered to the lounge by one of their staff. I almost shouted with joy and profusely thanked the sweet and helpful Emirates lady. She even made an effort to photocopy my passport since it was needed before I could claim my lost kit. After 20 minutes a security staff entered the lounge with my music kit; after a short paper works I got hold of my kit. I immediately informed the wife who was worried as well since she knew that I couldn't stand flying without my music collections.

Another reason to thank Emirates was an upgrade to business class yesterday. It was blissful to travel long haul with a glass of Moet and Chandon Champagne on hand while listening to my all-time favorite Michael Jackson minus the engine noise of Boeing 777.

By the way, as of today I have accumulated 80,000 miles on my Emirates Skywards Silver card. More than enough to purchase the latest IPOD Touch 16GB from Emirates High Street. Hmm.. maybe this is a sign that my Walkman needs to be retired. Another big thanks Emirates!

I really couldn't ask for more from Emirates.

28 April 2014

Ipod Touch 16 GB

Woho! I have received my new 5th generation Ipod Touch (16GB) this afternoon. I ordered it from Emirates High Street exactly five days ago. I simply paid the customs tax by credit card which amounted to 57 USD while around 65,000 miles were deducted from my accumulated Skywards miles and another 4,000+ miles for the handling/shipping cost.

Finding it hard to part ways with my old and reliable SONY Walkman I decided to give this Ipod Touch to my youngest son as reward for doing good during the last school year. Anyhow, I will just wait for a few more years so I can build-up again my air miles before I retire my Walkman..

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