Friday, April 4, 2014

Dad's Review - The Mad Drive

I came across this name when it suddenly appeared on my FB News Feed. Out of curiosity I scanned its FB page expecting to find something related to car. To my surprise, The Mad Drive was actually an external USB 3.0 hard disk drive (HDD) loaded with digital movies, applications, comics and games.

Imagine buying a branded (Seagate/Western Digital) external HDD loaded with hundreds of HD films by simply adding a meager amount to the actual price of the HDD. Not only that, a good feedback on the seller's FB page or Sulit advertisement will entitle any customer for one year free re-fill of new movies. Moreover, the seller offers 1 year warranty for the HDD and manufacturer's warranty after that. A check at Western Digital site shows that my HDD has been registered and its warranty is valid until March 1, 2017.

my Mad Drive
Initially, I was interested on its 1TB promo. For 3,900 pesos you can have a 1TB external HDD with pre-loaded 800 HD movies. After checking the list of movies from its digital library I preferred their normal rate of 4,700 pesos for a 1 TB external HDD (WD Elements) with selected movie titles.

I liked its page and pm'ed the owner.

I sent a list of films which I selected from its massive digital collections. Also, I informed the owner that I am an OFW and would be arriving on 02 April. The seller agreed to waive the reservation fee but it would be cash-on-delivery term. We agreed to meet at Trinoma on Friday.

I met Richie, Mad Drive's owner, this afternoon at Trinoma Food Court. I wasn't able to test the unit since I didn't bring my laptop. However, I knew the guy wouldn't do anything detrimental to his online business. Otherwise, a negative post would mean lost of potential clients and earnings.

Upon reaching home, my youngest techie kid immediately tested the Mad Drive by connecting it to our LG Cinema 3D flat screen. My kid was aghast because all HD films he played were crystal clear be it on 780 or 1080 format.

Movie List

crystal clear After Earth

After a while it was my turn to test the Mad Drive; I watched 300: Rise of an Empire. It was clear on our flat screen and the sound wasn't bad as well though the Chinese sub-title was a bit annoying.

I inquired with Richie whether I could replace the loaded films on my HDD later since I intend to have some 3D films from Mad Drive's library. He replied that I need to pay 750 pesos for 500 GB or 1200 pesos for 1 TB data.

All told, The Mad Drive is perfect for any Dad who works abroad like me. Not only that, if you have no ample time and resources to watch all the new films being shown in theater then this is the perfect way to enjoy your favorite movies at the comfort of your home together with your loved ones. Added treat is chilled drinks on hand and Mom's freshly popped popcorns.

You may visit its FB page for more information: TheMadDrive

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post but merely an actual experience of a Dad.

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  1. Just bought a 1TB Seagate Backup Slim Plus from The Mad Drive last January 17 based on your recommendation. It arrived early morning of January 19 thru LBC. All movies were clear as well.