Monday, April 21, 2014

Bangkok Temple Hopping 5 - Wat Traimit (Temple of the Golden Buddha)

According to Wiki: This Buddha is the world's largest solid gold statue. It is officially known as Phra Phuttha Maha Suwan Patimakon.

At some point in time, the Golden Buddha was completely plastered over and painted to prevent it from being stolen. It was accidentally discovered in 1955 when it was being moved to its new location. The ropes securing the statue broke which caused the statue to fall. Some of the plaster layer was damaged exposing parts of the gold statue.

After the plaster layer was completely removed and the gold statue revealed it was also found out that it was consist of nine parts that all fits together. In addition, a key was found encased at its base. This key could be used to disassemble the statue to facilitate its transportation.

The time the Golden Buddha was discovered was very close to the commemoration of the twenty-fifth Buddhist Era or 2,500 years since Gautama Buddha's passing thus many Buddhists regarded this event as miraculous.

In February 2010, a large new building was inaugurated at the Wat Traimit Temple to house the Golden Buddha.

I found the Golden Buddha's story quite fascinating.

However, once you have seen the actual 5 tonner gold statue the more you would be fascinated obviously due to its monetary value which can easily runs into hundred of millions of dollars. Aside from that, visitors are allowed to take photos of the Golden Buddha unlike in other Buddhist Temples. However, you still need to follow proper attire when entering this Buddhist temple.

The temple complex also houses the Chinese Heritage Center at the ground floor. Nothing interesting about this center except these bank notes offering by the devotees.

It is pretty convenient to visit Wat Traimit since it is located at the entrance of Yaowarat Street, also known as Bangkok's Chinatown. Coming from Hualamphong train station just cross the little creek beside it to reach Yaowarat Street.

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