Thursday, May 15, 2014

Our second day - Tokyo Disneyland

these originals Yakisoba are truly yummy

Due to Golden Week Festival we woke up early to avoid long queues at Disneyland. We took our breakfast hurriedly and off we go to Tokyo station from Harajuku station. From here we transferred to another train going to Maihama station. In less than an hour we reached Disneyland. We step foot at our second Disneyland. The family was ready to compare Hong Kong and Tokyo Disneyland

we upgraded our 1-day passport into 2-day passport by just adding 4,600 Yen

At around 8:30 am we were in queue at the entrance. Upon entering we searched for the Guest Relation office to upgrade our 1 day passport to two days passport. We found it at the leftmost side after the entrance gate. Their English speaking staff gave us another set of ticket for our 2 day pass; we paid only the difference in the price.


the crowds during Golden Week Festival

we enjoyed this boat trip

my daughter loves this robot vending machines

kids begged me to buy this popcorn "Mickey" bucket for 2,000 Yen

our "Mickey" burger set lunch for over 1,000 Yen

the culprit
Our trip here became memorable when both of my sons experienced abdominal pain right after eating Mickey Mouse ice cream. Actually both of them have history of ulcer and hyperacidity and it so happened that we took our breakfast at around 6:30 am. With an empty stomach we gobbled some ice cream at 9:30 am causing stomach discomfort to both of them. My wife forgot their medication in our apartment thus together with my daughter we went to the main first aid station. Unfortunately all their medical staff has limited command of English. However, the friendly lady nurse called their English speaking doctor by phone so I can explain our situation. It was decided that I need to bring both of them to the first aid station otherwise they won't provide any medications; I was merely asking for anti-acid medicine since both of them were herperacidic. The first aid station would even provide wheelchairs in case both of them couldn't make it to the station without any assistance. I refused since I knew that my sons would rather commit suicide rather than being seen on a wheel chair inside Disneyland, LOL. In short, the whole family went back to the first aid station and after some medical check-up and interview with the help of interpreter through phone we got ourselves two sachets of anti-acid. The meds solved my kids' discomfort.

By the way, here are some facts about Tokyo Disneyland:

Morning Parade at 10:30 am
Afternoon Parade at 3:30 am
Electrical Parade or Night time parade at 7:30 pm
Mickey Mouse Ice Cream = 310 Yen
Popcorn inside a Disney character bucket = 1,800 Yen to 2,000 Yen
Popcorn in a box = 110 yen
Mickey's burger set lunch at around 1,000 Yen
Pizza set snack at around 700 Yen
You need to dispose your trashes at designated places after meal
All narrations including the haunted Mansion were in Japanese thus dampening our excitement


If you have seen Hong Kong Disneyland's Disney on parade then it is arguably much better than the day time parade of Tokyo Disneyland. Moreover, some attractions here have duplicates at Hong Kong Disneyland such as Small World, Space Mountain among others. Nevertheless I was thrilled to experience Star Tours which reminded me of my younger years when Star Wars lorded all sci-fi films.

Not to be outdone on outdoor performance, Tokyo Disneyland boasts an awesome electrical or night parade. We were in awe upon experiencing it. The electrical parade used a million lamps to enliven its beautiful floats.


After the night parade we called it a day and didn't bother to wait for the fireworks. We traveled back to Harajuku station and arrived at almost 9 pm. Famished, we raced to Yoshinoya at nearby Takeshita Street for our dinner. Unfortunately, we found it and other food shops (except McDonald's) already closed. We had no option but to buy our dinner at Mini-stop which was 2 blocks away from our apartment. We settled for microwaveable Bento boxes worth more than 300 Yen. The Bento boxes come with instruction on how long they should be cooked. To be honest, we were surprised how great tasting their commercially produced Bento boxes.

This ends our second chilly night in Tokyo.

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