Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Our third day - Tokyo Disneysea & explore Akihabara

Armed with upgraded 2-day passport we visited Disneysea on our third day in Tokyo. This theme park is one of a kind thus we made it sure that we would be able to visit this place as well.

Again, we raised the kids as early as possible and took our breakfasts bought from Mini-stop inside our apartment. We followed the same route in going to Disneyland. However, upon reaching Maihama train station we transferred to nearby Resort Gateway station. There are four stations being served by Disney monorail and Disneysea is third station coming from Gateway station. The other two stations are dedicated for Disney Resort hotels. Be aware though that train fare at Disney monorail is 260 Yen regardless of your destination.

Since it was Golden Week and weekend at the same time, the crowds inside Disneysea were overwhelming even at early morning. Unfortunately, Toy Story Mania closed its Fastpass ticket machines for that day so we were left with no option but to fall in queue. To our surprised, Disney Resort hotel guests were flocking to Toy Story Mania in throngs. It seemed all Disney hotels guests were offered free access or Fastpass tickets to Toy Story Mania thus it took us almost 4 hours before we were able to play Toy Story Mania. The wait was unbearable and tortuous but it was worth it. It was the best family game we have played. All of us enjoyed this 3D interactive game. Don't leave Disneysea without experiencing this awesome family shooting game.

After Toy Story Mania, we opted to take our lunch. As usual, everything here is expensive. A set meal would always exceed a thousand Yen.

We strolled inside the Disneysea and enjoyed its different view especially the Mysterious Island. Moreover, we collected 5 fast pass tickets from 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea for 4:45 pm.

My family admired and had a bird's eye view of the Arabian architecture and culture while strolling at Arabian Coast while it reminded me of my worksite in Middle-East, LOL.

Mediterranean Harbor

American Waterfront

Lost River Delta

Arabian Coast

Mermaid Lagoon

Mysterious Island


our FASTPASS tickets

ensemble performing at the entrance

What does "S" means at Sinbad's Seven Voyages? Your guess is as good as mine, S means SAGING (banana).

with my first ladies

Since we lost four hours at Toy Story Mania and we planned to visit Akihabara at night time we sadly skipped many rides and attractions due to long queues. Fortunately we were able to avail Fastpass tickets for 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. The 20,000 League Under The Sea ride was equally interesting and enjoyable.

By the way, like in Disneyland, all narrations at Disneysea's rides and attractions are mostly in Japanese. We left Disneysea at past 5 pm and paid another 260 Yen at Disney rail going back to Maihama station. From here we traveled back to Tokyo station then transferred to JR Yamanote line going to Akihabara.

Sun was still hovering above the horizon when we arrived at Akihabara. My eldest son immediately searched Yodabashi Akiba in the area for his Gundam souvenir. We found it at the back of 4KB48 cafe. We didn't bother visit the Gundam Cafe anymore since we knew that they offer Gundam souvenirs at a very steep price.


VOLKS Hobby shop

inside VOLKS
inside VOLKS

Yodabashi Akiba

my eldest son found it hard to choose his Gundam

the famous SEGA building

4KB48 cafe

"for adult Manga shop"

Pachinko game arcade

sales staff in anime uniform

My kids also entered VOLKS. A hobby shop full of different collectibles and hard to find Animes and Mangas figures. We had a glance at Panchinko outlets and some "for adults" Anime shops as well. I coined them "for adults" since the display outside their shops were not suitable for my kids if I may say so.

We spent a few hours admiring the brightly lit buildings while our eyes feasted on different Animes, Mangas and other related hobby things. My son got himself a Gundam for half-the price in Manila. It took him almost an hour to select his Gundam due to wide varieties and selection of Gundam suits which made his friends drooled upon seeing his pics. In addition, I noticed that this place is not being frequented by Japanese ladies. Most patrons in this area are Japanese men from different age levels unlike in Takeshita Street in Harajuku where most shoppers are young ladies.

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