Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cemetery of Negativism and Bell House, Baguio City

If you've been watching the TV series (Teleserye) Forevermore then you probably noticed in some of their episodes a unique cemetery where you can bury not your dead loved ones but rather your negative aspects in life. Quite funny and interesting isn't it? Due to this Teleserye millions of its followers including my wife have learned about this place somewhere in Baguio. In short, it was one of the places we visited last Christmas in Baguio City.

Surprisingly, the place is located within the vicinity of Bell House. We paid 60 pesos entrance fee to visit both places; for students don't forget to bring your school ID to avail 50% discount.

It was quite fun to spend a few minutes at Cemetery of Negativism due to its oddness and funny inscriptions on gravestones that dotted the small area.  However, it was obvious that this place became known and famous due to Forevermore series otherwise it was just a queer place to visit; just my two cents.

After spending a couple of minutes we trekked to nearby Bell House. The place used to be the vacation house of General Franklin Bell. A famous American Governor in the Philippines eons of years ago but unknown to new generations of Filipinos; even to myself, LOL. It serves now as museum that showcases American architecture and decors with a small amphitheater outside surrounded by lovely and manicured gardens.

with one of my trav buds... not the snowman
Though the entire place was in festive mood due to Christmas decors one couldn't help having goosebumps due to creepiness in some areas, especially the back portion of the house.

After spending more than an hour exploring the whole place we decided to proceed to other places of interest in Baguio City. To be honest, considering the chilly weather, it was a great experience to visit this place since I felt as if I was transported back in time.

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