Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tasty and cheesy pizzas at Pizza Volante at Wright Park, Baguio City

Last Christmas holidays the family stayed for several days at the City of Pines. With multitudes of seasonal crowds from different parts of the country enjoying Baguio's chilly weather we found it difficult to find dining places anywhere in Baguio City especially within Camp John Hay area. In fact we forego our plan to eat at Ketchup Food Community due to long queue of diners. Fortunately, Pizza Volante has opened a new branch beside Ketchup and directly opposite Wright Park; the best thing was we were number three on waiting list. Actually, we planned to dine at their Session Road branch but we were lucky to find another branch in the right place at the right time.

We waited for around 30 minutes before a table was released to us by the supervisor. Upon arrival you need to inform the supervisor so he would put you on waiting list otherwise you won't be able to have a table.

Though the air conditioned dining area was small its outdoor al fresco garden dining area was quite spacious; the greenery enhances the whole dining experience, not to mention the nice chilly weather.

minimalist pizza

where are the toppings?

my Fish and Chips

wife's Pasta

kids dessert

does my Apple pie looks yummy?

In less than thirty minutes our orders were served. The pizza has thick layer of cheese but lacking of ingredients; nevertheless it tastes good. The pasta is also tasty but nothing special. My fish and chips is just average though I appreciate it being served hot. Stay away from apple pie.

The price is reasonable compared with established global pizza brands. Though there is 5% service charge, VAT is included on menu price.

This place is open 24 hours and with live band during weekend. Good place to visit if you are craving for pizza while enjoying the chilly weather of Baguio City. Be aware though that parking is along the main road.

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