Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Dad's Review - Thanks Zalora!

As a Dad, I normally purchase all my needs from shops and malls and stay away from online shopping though I own an online shop for ladies clothes. Quite ironic isn't it?

However, upon receiving an email from my credit card provider stating that I am entitled for a 500 pesos discount from Zalora regardless of amount purchased a bell rung inside my head.

My wife recently celebrated her birthday without any gift from me. Actually, I was abroad while my daughter arranged for a surprise party with matching bouquet of flowers. Now that I am home for my vacation I took this opportunity to ask my wife to select an item from Zalora's product lines as her belated birthday gift. She was elated upon learning that we can save 500 pesos from Zalora; when it comes to pampering herself my wife is frugal and spendthrift, as expected from a mother who has three kids in school.

She ended up with a cross-body bag worth more than a thousand pesos. Less 500 pesos, the "Mango" bag price seemed reasonable considering shipping fee was included in the price, not to mention the hassle-free shopping experience

In short, after three days, my wife received her bag while I ended up with a steamy and romantic evening, LOL.

Thanks Zalora! A Dad couldn't ask for more.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post but merely an actual experience of a Dad.

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