Sunday, April 12, 2015

Beware of bag slashers at Pratunam Market

A few days back, my colleague brought his family in Bangkok and upon my prodding stayed at Pratunam area.

I gave him countless of advice on how to save money and places to visit during their stay in Bangkok City. I even narrated to him how I was robbed by pickpockets while shopping at Pratunam Market. I added how one of our colleagues was also victimized by these unscrupulous individuals.

On their first day, unfortunately, his wife's bag was slashed while shopping at Pratunam Market. She lost cash and her credit cards.

Upon learning their predicament I can not help but feel sad and angry why these unfortunate events happen to my hard working colleagues at the same place. Because of this, I surmise that their sad experiences serve as warning to tourists who intend to shop in Pratunam Market.

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