Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Dad's Review - Beware of Colette's Buko Pie

The wife and I traveled this morning to Calamba, Laguna to process my financial assistance claim from OWWA Region IV-A office. On our way back to Manila we parked at Colette's - the one before Jollibee - along Real Street to buy our favorite Buko Pie and Ping Lambanog. The wife paid 185 pesos for the Buko pie. From here we drove for around 500 meters and stopped at Jollibee to have our lunch; it was almost 12 noon.

Upon reaching home at around 2 pm we were frustrated to see our Buko Pie on this state.

Aside from having a brownie color the coconut meat was hard. Regrettably, we never thought that our favorite Colette's would sell stale and rancid Buko Pie to its clients.

We used to buy from Colette's Tagaytay and Rosario La Union, unfortunately their Rosario branch has been closed, our favorite Buko Pie and Espasol. But now, we wouldn't even think of approaching any of its branches.

It was fortunate that in our recent trip to Tagaytay City, we got a taste of Loumars Buko Pie. It was not superb but way better than the above Buko Pie of Colette.

For all Dads out there, you have been forewarned. However, if you are really a Colette's fanboy like I used to be then a word of advice, try to have a slice of your Buko Pie to make sure your hard-earned money will not go to waste.

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