Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Dad's Review - Beware car owners, nothing is readily available at LTO!

On 19th of April I renewed my driver's license at one of LTO's satellite offices. After a couple of hours, I got my official receipt which also served as my temporary license until 30th of May due to unavailability of plastic ID according to the LTO staff. Hence, I don't have a driver's license ID for around 42 days. Okay, no problem, I would be having my driver's license ID anyway after a few weeks, hopefully.

Two days back, I renewed my car registration at LTO main office in Quezon City. As expected there were no available car stickers. No qualms about that since it happened also last year; I got my stickers after a week.

However, this time around, I was surprised when the LTO releasing staff told me to follow-up by phone or come back after 45 days for my stickers and new plates. What? 45 days for both stickers and plates?

What is happening to LTO? We don't deserve this kind of services. We are diligently paying all our dues but as time goes on the services you are providing to us are downright insulting considering that you were bragging several weeks back that car plates were readily available. You even blamed the car dealers about their late registrations of new cars causing their owners to use their newly bought cars without plates. Furthermore, everybody knows that plastic IDs and printers are readily available in the market, not to mention replacing your old plates with new and expensive plates bearing the same numbers. What kind of nincompoops or inutile Bosses are running this government agency?

my temporary driver's license

my car registration receipt

It seems that the only way to improve its services is to privatize the whole LTO agency. In so doing, only the best and most qualified personnel get hired or in other words those who know how to use their brain. Just my two cents.

Update: 1 June 2015

As expected my temporary license has been extended for another five months.

Let's give a big hand to all nincompoops running the LTO!!!

Update: 9 July 2015

Wohoo! As expected, my new plates are not yet available after more than 60 days! They gave me a cellphone number where I can follow-up my new plates by sending sms. My arse! I am sure like the number they provided on the registration receipt, this number is another 24/7 busy line.

Update: 24 Sept 2015

Sent an sms this morning to the number given by LTO. As expected:

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