Saturday, May 9, 2015

White Christmas at Christmas Village, Baguio City

My family who have never seen or touch snow beckoned me to visit Baguio City's newest craze, the Christmas Village, during our recent Christmas holiday at the City of Pines. It wasn't because they were expecting to see snow but rather they were curious on how it feels to have a White Christmas. I myself long to experience White Christmas though I have enjoyed snow at La Meije glacier in France many years back.

We tried to visit the place on first couple of nights of our stay in Baguio but we were discouraged by horrendous traffic inside Camp John Hay. I told the family that either we visit the place in daytime or forego our plan of visiting it at all. We agreed to drop by the following day before lunch time. Thus, at 10 am, we were the only visitors inside Christmas Village; artificial snow would start at 10:30 am according to the staff.

Christmas Village in front of Baguio Country Club

We paid 80 pesos each and got stamped on our hands. The staff told us that we can come back at night for free to watch the nightly presentation as long as our hand stamps remain visible. The place closes at 10 pm.

For private motorists, there is no exclusive parking area for Christmas Village visitors. However, you can park your vehicles at nearby side streets. More so, you are not allowed to wear rubber slippers inside; don't bother to bring your pet as well.

artificial snow maker hidden inside the miniscule houses

Though the entire place is cramped you can still feel the White Christmas vibe especially upon seeing several Olafs inside; their Christmas theme was based on the movie "Frozen." It was fortunate that we decided to come here during daytime since we have the whole place for us. We enjoyed the artificial snow to the fullest while having unlimited photo shoots-minus the crowds, LOL.

The foamy snow lasted for a few minutes. The next snow time would be at 12:30 pm. We left the place elated since we got a glimpse of White Christmas atmosphere hoping that in near future we would be celebrating a real White Christmas.

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