Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Epic fail dinner at Solibao Restaurant at Session Road, Baguio City

Some of my friends recommended this Filipino Restaurant along Session Road, Baguio City. Hence, during our recent Christmas Holiday at the City of Pines, we threaded to this place from our hotel located beside Burnham Park.

For our dinner, the family ordered Lechon Kawali, Solibao Fried Rice, Crispy Chicken and Kare-Kare.

Whenever we dine at any Filipino Restaurants, we made it a point to savor their Kare-Kare, stew of Ox meat with vegetables complimented with thick peanut sauce, a mainstay in any Filipino Specialty Restaurants. Some of the best Kare-Kares we have tasted were at Josephine Restaurant in Tagaytay City and Barrio Fiesta at SM North EDSA. Aside from that, my mother-in-law has her own unique Kare-Kare recipe as well.

When our foods arrived, the Kare-Kare seemed appetizing. Soon after, we noticed an unfamiliar meat in our Kare-Kare. We have tried Kare-Kare with Ox tail, stripes, lean meat and skin thus it was downright surprising to see lump of fats, muscles and tendons with attached strips of meat. The wife and I couldn't guess which body part of ox/cow they use in their Kare-Kare. I don't know if this is the norm in that place but definitely the dish was an epic fail for us.

Moreover, there was a lingering after-taste of stale oil from their Lechon Kawali. For their in-house specialty fried rice, it was floppy but it seemed that how they cook rice in this place; we noticed the same floppy rice in other restaurants in Baguio City.

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Nevertheless, the service was fast and the staffs were courteous though parking can be a problem during peak hours since the only area where you can leave your car was along Session road. Nothing especial about the ambiance too; any Barrio Fiesta branch in Manila could easily bested this place in terms of local decor.

If you'll ask me, sad to say, the price don't commensurate with our dining experience. Surely there are other restaurants worth visiting along Session road.

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