Monday, January 11, 2016

How much did I spend in 2015 Baguio road trip

Baguio City's weather is truly addicting especially for city - dwellers like us who have been coping up with increasing pollution on our roads.

During the recent Christmas season we were back at the City of Pines.

Since it was our third visit, we didn't bother spending our time at famous touristy places outside the city proper except the PMA. Our main objective was to savor the chilly weather and to go foodie at some of Baguio city's restaurants.

Unfortunately, TPLEX has been operational until Urdaneta, Pangasinan only. I believe it was supposed to be fully operational before end of 2015 but due to politics the project completion was delayed. At any rate, we arrived at Golden Pine Hotel 4 hours after leaving our house at San Mateo, Rizal.

For our recent trip, we used our new diesel-powered family car. Thus, our fuel bill was considerably low compared with our previous trips to Baguio city.

We stayed at Golden Pine Hotel beside Burnham Park. In our previous two trips, we stayed in a hotel and apartment outside city proper. Because of this, our recent hotel bill was a bit costlier. We booked a suite with two rooms and a small sala. The suite was for four guests only so we paid for an extra guest since we were five. Our total bill for 3 nights was almost 20 thousand pesos.

We dined at different restos and fast foods; I can safely assume that a budget of 300 pesos per meal for each person is enough; just stay away from sweets and desserts. However, if you want to reduce your food bills without sacrificing the quality of your food then I recommend Good Taste Cafe & Restaurant. It is located beside Burnham Park.

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"Pasalubongs" can be bought cheaper at city market rather than at Lion area along Kennon road or Mines View area. Try to haggle especially during early morning since most shops would give discount for early shoppers just to have "Buena Mano" as early as possible.

Breakdown of our toll fees:

NLEX:   45 + 173 = 218 pesos
SCTEX:  104 pesos
TPLEX:  216 pesos (Urdaneta Exit only)
Kennon Road: 15 pesos

The total one-way toll expenses was 553 pesos. So for round trip, class 1 toll fees, I paid 1,106 pesos. Quite expensive but it's worth every peso considering the time and fuel saved.

For our entire trip, our family car clocked 584.5 kms. Taking into consideration the average consumption of our car of 10 km/liter mixed city and highway driving, our fuel consumption was around 58.5 liters. With diesel fuel hovering at 23 pesos per liter at that time, my total fuel cost was 1,343 pesos.

To sum it all, our total expenses are as follows:

Transportation:           2,449 pesos (toll fees and diesel fuel)
Hotel (4D/3N for 5):  20,000 pesos (suite with 2 bedrooms with extra mattress)
Pasalubongs:               600 pesos (purely Baguio native foods)
Food & Beverages     12,000 pesos (300 pesos per head per meal)

With our expenses exceeding 30,000 pesos, I could say that the cost of our road trip was still affordable since we were able to enjoy nice scenery, friendly locals, good foods and chilly weather. In addition, the city of pines was a perfect place for breaking-in our newly bought family diesel SUV.

Truly, Baguio City never fails to amaze us and it will remain as our favorite holiday destination.

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