Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Dad's Review - VR Box (Virtual Reality Glasses)

While strolling around Greenhills (Virramall) searching for my son's Zenpone case, a white box caught my attention. The sales guy noticed my curiosity so he ended up demonstrating the VR Box to me.

On the spot, I downloaded from Google Play VR Cinema on my Samsung Note 3, as instructed by the guy, and played my Duran Duran concert using VR Cinema. He then attached my smart phone to the VR Box and after adjusting the lense position I felt I was transported inside a theater. The huge and clear screen can easily match my 42 inches flat TV though smartphone's screen resolution also plays an important factor.

VR Box with movie playing on my smartphone

After the demonstration the guy was able to convince me to purchase VR Box for 1,200 pesos with 3 days unit replacement. I have used the unit a couple of times and I have decided to bring it to my work in Africa. It is so convenient watching a movie from my smartphone, while lying on bed. I can easily use my noise cancelling headphone to maximize my viewing experience.

Focal adjustment

The only drawback is that some video files have no sound when played by VR Cinema while sub-titles are not working. I am still in the process of determining what kind of files can be played flawlessly by VR Cinema without upgrading/purchasing VR Cinema Pro.

I have been advised by the sales guy that VR Box can also play 3D movies and games. He added that it is very important to protect both lenses from any scratches to maintain the quality of the video.

Amazingly, this unit can be used from 4.7 to 6 inches smartphones due to flexibility of mounting bracket unlike the Samsung Gear VR that can be used only on their latest smartphones.

The shop is located at the second floor near the information booth.

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  1. Lazada had this on sale for 99 pesos. ��