Friday, May 27, 2016

Day Tour at Las Casas Filipinas de Azucar - Bagac, Bataan

If there is a place that can rival or surpass the famous old houses of Calle Crisolo in Vigan City that is Las Casas Filipinas de Azucar.

Old houses and mansions mostly built during the Spanish time from different parts of the country were disassembled brick by brick, panel by panel and re-built inside this place. However, there were some structures constructed based on their pictures since the original buildings cannot be repaired or cease to exist anymore like the Escolta building.

The owner Jose Azucar, started re-building the old houses in Philippines... perhaps it is better to visit this link Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar to have a detailed history of Las Casas.

guided tour

Last Holy Week we availed the day tour for 999 pesos per person excluding meal package; they offers different rate depending on meal package you'll select. Welcome drink of "sago at gulaman" and refreshing towel are included aside from guided tour. The guide narrates the history of 27 old houses and mansions; visitors are allowed to enter some of the mansions.


There are still on-going constructions within the area since the place is around 80% completed. Yet even so, there are countless of old houses that suitable for selfies, even my foreign FB friends liked the pictures I posted on my FB wall.

Picturesque sunset compliments the beauty of this magnificent open-air museum. Added to that are the native dresses and uniforms by the staff. Train, jeepney and horse carriage are the main transport inside the complex though private vehicles are allowed to drop their passengers at reception area.

Escolta building serves as hotel on higher floors and souvenir shops at ground floor

another mansion that serves as hotel

Some houses and buildings functioned as hotels and rented to guests. Unfortunately, all the rooms inside Las Casas were fully booked at that time so we ended-up staying at The Plaza Hotel in Balanga City. Guests can enjoy its amenities like the seaview pool and free use of transportation inside the complex.

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We arrived at past 2 pm and waited for the hourly guided tour. Soon afterwards, we decided to leave the guided tour and explored the place by ourselves otherwise we won't be able to visit every nook and corner of the complex.

We left at around 6 pm and took our dinner at Balanga City. The food is quite expensive inside, no bull, just really being blunt; so we opted to have our lunch and dinner at Balanga City.

On the other hand, Las Casas has tremendous potential to become a world-class open air museum and resort after completion of all on-going constructions.

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