Monday, June 13, 2016

Pawikan Conservation Center - Morong, Bataan

Coming from Balanga City, Pawikan Conservation Center is quite far. If I remember it correctly, it took us around one and a half hours drive to reach it. We passed at Bataan Nuclear Power Plant and Las Casas Filipina de Azucar. Be careful when driving along this provincial high way due to numerous blind corners and zig zag road.

From the high way, we entered an unmarked rough road before reaching this place. The rough road wasn’t even appearing on my GPS Navigation; we simply followed the road sign.

It has a small parking area inside but you can also park outside in case it is full. Though parking was free we paid 20 pesos as entrance or viewing fee.




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A mini-pond near the entrance contains two medium sized “pawikans” (sea-turtle) while a few meters away was an open area with barricade where the eggs are being hatched. If you want to release a hatchling into the sea you have to pay 150 pesos. Some souvenir items are being peddled near the beach area too. Aside from these, there are no telltale signs that this place is dedicated for “pawikans” conservation.

There were several groups who obviously visited the place to enjoy the beach rather than spent time with the “pawikans.” The place wasn’t much of a sight for tourists, if I may say so. Nonetheless, it is good to know that there are places dedicated to conserve and protect our endangered marine animals.

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