Saturday, June 11, 2016

Fortune Hong Kong Seafood Restaurant - Balanga City, Bataan

Fortune Hong Kong Seafood Restaurant saved our day during the recent Holy Week. Imagine driving in an unfamiliar place with your family, famished and searching for a place to eat on Good Friday expecting that all fast food chains would be closed due to Lenten season. Amazingly, this restaurant was open for business on that particular day.

The head water recommended a set menu for 10 people but since we were only five all the servings would be served in half; so as the price. As I remember, our set menu costs more than 5 thousands pesos for 10 - 12 people thus, we ended up paying half of that plus the hot towels. Drinks are not included. I asked for my favorite Chinese tea while the family settled for colas.

no more space for the soup

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When our order arrived, wohoo… our table was overflowing with food. We threw our guilt feelings down the bin and started devouring our meal. Though the family is well-trained in Vikings we still ended up with plenty of left-overs. If we were in Manila, those left-overs would surely serve as our dinner at home but unfortunately it was so inconvenient to bring left-over foods to your hotel room.

What about the foods?

If you want Chinese foods while in Balanga City you come to FHS Restaurant. This place is a gem since you don’t need to travel far while in Balanga City just to have an authentic Chinese meal aside from being unexpectedly open during the entire Holy Week.

You can easily find the place since it is a few kilometers away from the plaza.

The price is in mid-range or should I say at par with manila based Chinese Restaurant. The staffs are very nice and accommodating. Our order arrived after 30 minutes; it was ridiculously fast considering the number of viands included in our set meat. If you have eaten at any Mann Hann branches then you would know what fast means. 

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