Sunday, July 24, 2016

Dad's Review - Park 'N Fly

If you are a car owner and want to avoid the hassle of commuting to and fro the airport but you don’t have any idea where to leave your precious “baby” safely then fret no more. You can leave your car at Park ‘N Fly.

I used to leave my car at terminal 3 multi-level parking for several days but due to increase on parking rate to 320 pesos per day (this is not yet confirmed) and some complains on the net about missing spare tires, battery getting discharge and people ready to jump start your battery for a fee, etc. I have decided to avail the services of Park ‘N Fly. I am not saying that terminal 3 multi-level parking building is not a secured place; I just wanted a private firm to take care my newly bought SUV.

Hence, on our recent business trip to Bangkok, we left our family car on July 10 and claimed it on July 14. The entire procedure was pretty simple.

1. Drive your car and park it outside the Park N' Fly office at the corner of PTT gas station. You’ll be assisted by their security guard.

2. For first time client, submit a copy of your OR/CR with your driver’s license at the departure desk. The documents will be scanned for their record and return back to you. If you’re a returning client then just mention your name. At this point, they’ll also ask for your return date and request your car key.

3. After encoding your data, the departure staff will give you a claim stub with stamped time and date at the back with verbal instruction regarding the arrival procedure. Don’t lose your claim stub otherwise you have to provide sufficient proof that you own the car you are trying to claim.

4. One of their coordinators will inspect your car and fill-up a form indicating the fuel level, spare tire, km reading, etc. You’ll be asked to sign the form. Eventually, your car will be driven by one of their drivers inside the secured parking building.

5. Wait for the shuttle van. In our case, in less than 10 minutes the shuttle van arrived. Another family was also going to terminal 3; no worries since the van can accommodate up to 10 passengers.

6. Park N Fly van will drop you at the departure area.

Returning back:

1. Upon collecting your check-in luggage you may now contact the telephone numbers indicated on your claim stub. If you don’t have check-in luggage then you may contact them immediately after deplaning. We sent text messages informing them that we have arrived; I indicated my name and my car’s plate number. After a few minutes I received a call from Park ‘N Fly staff instructing me to go to Bay 7 (outer lane) and wait for their shuttle bus.

2. Within 15 minutes the van arrived; we travelled back to their office together with another client who arrived at the same time at terminal 3.

3. Upon reaching their office I queued at the arrival desk, surrendered my claim stub, paid the parking fee and signed the received document.

4. We waited for our car to be driven out of their parking area.

5. For some reasons, it took around 20 minutes for our car to be driven out of their parking building.

Be aware of the following when availing the Park ‘N Fly services.

· For terminal 3, the waiting area is Bay 7, outer lane. For terminal 1, you need to go down the arrival ramp and wait in front of XYZ arrival gate. I have no idea regarding the waiting areas for terminal 2 and 4.

· In case your flight has been cancelled and you have already checked-in your car at Park ‘N Fly then you need to contact them so they can send their shuttle van back to fetch you. However, you have to pay one day rate regardless of the time you have availed their services. I experienced this when the runway of NAIA was abruptly closed on 18th of July for emergency repair job. Upon reaching terminal 1, the check-in counter staff informed me that my flight has been cancelled. I had no choice but to go back to Park ‘N Fly; claim my car then drive home. They sent their van to fetch me and returned back my car key after I paid 381 pesos.

· There is a 10 pesos toilet fee inside the convenience store beside Park N Fly office. Don’t expect any free toilet in this area. You’ve been forewarned.

· You can pay your parking fee by credit card.

· Let their staff carry your luggage. Don’t worry, your luggage is in good hand and the service is included on your parking fee.

· Park ‘N Fly also owns the 9 storey parking building at the other side of the road.

See my review: The new multi-level parking of NAIA Terminal 3

The wife and daughter - while waiting for our car
Presently, I am back at my work in Africa. I left my car at Park ‘N Fly on 19th of July and will claim it after 31 days. My car is eligible for complimentary body wash and 10% discount since I have availed their services for more than 30 days.

I am sure that my car would be more secured and well taken care of by Park ‘N Fly. I am crossing my finger actually. If everything turns out fine then I’ll leave my car again for a month on my next trip to Africa.


On 17th of August, coming back from work, I claimed my car from Park N' Fly. My car was waiting for me outside their office; it was newly washed as agreed. I paid the bill, less the 10% discount, and drove my car to our home. Everything was at their exact position when I left, radio channel, seat position, fuel level, spare coins, etc. I checked the odometer reading too and noticed that one kilometer was added to the trip which was understandable since their parking building was massive. Actually, I took a photo of my car's dashboard before I left it.

I am planning to leave my car again when I go back to my work a couple of weeks from now.

2nd update

I left my car again at Park N' Fly two weeks back and will claim it after three weeks. I am sure that my car is in good hands.

Fast Forward:

I claimed my car after 33 days. Sadly, my baby was full of dust. The gasoline boy even used a squeegee to clean my windshield so I can drive home safely. I don't know whether they have really washed my car as stated on the form I signed when I arrived.

This time Park "N" Fly failed me.

We'll be leaving for one week for Singapore during our yearly Christmas holiday; planning to leave my car back at multi-level parking at Terminal 3.

3rd update June 2019

On our recent family trip to Japan, I had to leave my SUV at Park N Fly for 8 day since we would be leaving through NAIA T1 which is very near to Park N Fly. Their main parking area was full at that time so they asked me to drive to their second parking area which is directly at the opposite side of the road; I left my car at their second building. I was a bit apprehensive first since I just installed a complete set of Pioneer audio and sound system.

They offered me a promo worth 800 pesos for car wash and vacuum including engine and underchassis wash. The price is competitive so I availed the promo. Upon return I claimed my car at their main building and inspected it. As expected, nothing amiss and my SUV was cleaned in and out. I knew they did underchassis wash because my disc brakes were initially squeeking when brake is depressed, sign of water sprayed on the inner side of the wheels. I checked the engine bay and it was also clean. My sound system and coins were left untouched too.


  1. I had a very bad experience with park n fly, van took like 20mins to pick us up, after we arrived at their office boom staff said our cars battery is dead!!! I was like wtf I had my first battery for almost 4 years!! This battery they said is dead is just 1 year old!!! So I thought maybe they left my headlights on, or worse they played with my head unit........ took them 30mins to fix the problem.. I read in sone blogs loosing gps chips and having paint damages. So to people who's looking for a safe parking place, this is not the place. Better try naias covered parking area.

  2. We also had a very bad experience today.
    They fetched us after almost an hour at T3 (due to traffic???) and after we got in the van, driver fetched a big family group which (instead of us, first come first serve basis), he first dropped off at their other side office. On top of ached muscles from waiting too long, it’s also an additional hour charged (at ₱420/day rate).
    The driver responded to me to complain to their manager. The manager just shrugged it off with lip-service of “will investigate” but obviously will not as he proceeded to charge us for the duration. ₱2,345.00 total bill without care on the poor service & delay on their part. No attempt to pacify me.
    When I said we’re a long time client and this incident will not make us come back he just gave gesture “I 🤷‍♂️ don’t care” Isn’t that Worst customer service!
    The manager’s not concerned with their poor service & totally unapologetic!
    There should be a NEW player with Quality service. Hoping SOON a new COMPETITOR will come for them. 😡