Saturday, July 30, 2016

Happy 4th year Anniversary Happy Stripes

My baby is now on its fourth year of existence.

Admittedly, the previous year was not as exciting compared to Happy Stripes’ earlier years. No sales blitz, promo, bazaar or whatever since my daughter has entered Med school. She was too pre-occupied with her studies; just imagine the adjustment needed to undergo by a Business Administration graduate entering a medical school. It was obviously an arduous task to cope-up with your studies while managing an online shop.

Anyhow, shedding her old skin was over and her effort paid well. My daughter completed her freshman year with flying colors. She’s now enjoying her vacation and will return back to school in a few weeks thus, Happy Stripes is actively kicking this month which is coincidentally its 4th year anniversary.

Sales started to peak again while “Likes” and “Followers” have increased dramatically as well.

Cheers Happy Stripes!

We celebrated HS 4th year anniversary in Bangkok. We have hundreds of new stocks waiting to be uploaded on our FB and Instagram account.

Sticking to our motto, we don’t purchase an item in large quantity so any item you have bought from Happy Stripes can be considered limited edition in Philippines. Aside from that, our pricing remains competitive especially that the US dollar is up in the ceiling. Unlike other online shops which need to exchange currency thus losing money in the process and recover their loss through price increase, we have our own source of USD; my salary, LOL. We know too where we can have the best exchange rate in Bangkok.

So girls, keep monitoring our FB and Instagram accounts for our upcoming collections; it will always be first come first serve basis. Trust me; we have turned down plenty of inquiries because we have run out of stock. We even turned down some offers from re-sellers due to same reason.

This coming year, though I don’t expect it to be pretty exciting for HS due to my daughter’s toxic schedule, we promise that we will continue providing trendy, good quality and affordable ladies apparel that can be delivered right at your doorstep.

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