Friday, November 18, 2016

Diecast Corner - Northwest Estate and Collectibles

This shop cum house caters mainly to hard core vinyl records enthusiasts. They have literally thousands of old vinyl records on hand, from Rock, Jazz, Pop, etc. They even boast some rare and hard to find albums. Aside from that they also sell old or vintage sound system including turntable and cassette decks. Being an audio enthusiast myself I liked their FB page due to nostalgic feeling upon seeing those vinyl records appearing on my timeline; their stocks are being sourced regularly from USA by the way. However, I noticed recently that some pictures of old diecast cars started appearing on their FB page. Obviously, I won't be able to buy any vintage or classic diecast cars at any toy shops in the Philippines thus I urged my wife to accompany me in checking the place.

This afternoon, the wife and I paid a visit at their shop along K- 1st street at Kamuning, Quezon City. Be forewarned that the shop is actually a 2 storey house with tarpaulin sign outside while the area is purely residential; no banks or ATM nearby so bring loads of cash if you are a serious collector.

Long story short, I found a treasure trove of diecast cars from smallest up to 1:18 scale. Almost all of their bigger scale diecasts are old or second hand which make them more exciting to collect due to their age; they are considered vintage or classic if I may say so. Though the diecast boxes are not in mint condition anymore which can be expected due to shelf and transport wear but the diecast cars themselves are in very good condition. There are also loose or unboxed/uncarded diecast cars in "beaten" condition making them perfect specimens for restoration job. Admittedly,  I am not an expert on diecast cars since I started this hobby early this year only, nonetheless, I could confidently say that some of their classic diecast cars are limited edition while others are not commercially available anymore especially in the Philippines.

Just to add, they carry different diecast brands such as Hot Wheels, Jada, Maisto, Tonka, Muscle Machines, Johnny Lightning, Hot Rod among others.

Here are some of my hauls:

Since the owner is celebrating his 51st birthday, tomorrow until Sunday they will be having 51% sale. Yes, you heard it right. Almost half the price for all items. 

Some shots inside:

The shop is also selling different boardgames, old toys, house decors, antiques and many more.

Unfortunately,  I would be leaving back for work in a couple of days but definitely I would come back here on my next vacation.

Hopefully, on the 52nd birthday of the owner next year I am in Philippines so I could enjoy great discount again but I don't expect them to continue this kind of promotional sale until the owner's 100th birthday,lol.

For more details you can check their FB page: Northwest Estate and Collectibles

To view my collection may check my IG account: welson _ pinoydiecast

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