Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Carmelence View, Tagaytay City

I couldn't remember anymore how many times the family has visited Tagaytay City. It is our most visited place whenever we wanted a quick getaway from Manila. Our previous stays lasted from a few hours to a couple of days.

The beauty of Taal never ceases to fascinate us though we have noticed that traffic has started to be felt in this picturesque city.

On our recent "staycation" we discovered a hidden gem right in the middle of Tagaytay City, Carmelence View. I said hidden because the place was truly unnoticeable though it is located along the national highway. By the way, I mentioned "staycation" since we simply wanted to lazily stay in our rented place, watch movies, admire the scenery and enjoy the food because we have seen most if not all the touristy places in Tagaytay City.

Though hidden, Carmelence View is getting famous in different online booking sites due to good reviews. The family couldn't believe that a wonderful and secluded place exists in the heart of Tagaytay City.

Outside, you won't notice any signs or billboards like you normally see at any commercial establishments. Our landmark, according to the booking sites, is the Carmelence Lodge which is also owned by Carmelence View, located right across the road. In fact, we passed the place and returned back when our car navigator indicated that we need to make a u-turn.

reception area

common area

superb view from our terrace

The rooms, parking and reception area are quite far from the main road thus you can be assured of a quiet and relaxing night. Aside from that, the entire compound is meticulously landscaped with massive trees around. Due to sloping ground, you can admire the unobstructed view of mountain ranges of Laguna and Mindoro from your terrace.

Family Suite

4K flat screen

glass wall with heavy curtain

great breakfast

chilly midnight snack

We booked a family suite with terrace overlooking Taal; breakfast is served here so you can enjoy sipping your brewed coffee while feeling the morning breeze coming from Taal Lake. You can arrange to have your lunch or dinner here as well but in our case we opted to visit our favorite restaurant, Josephine.

Though there is only one bathroom for five of us, it wasn't a big deal. But I must admit that this is the most spacious bathroom that I have enjoyed in all of my travels.

Our room is almost surrounded with glass walls giving an impression that you are in the midst of nature while beds and furniture are still in their pristine condition since the place has been opened recently.

There is enough parking area inside the compound. A watcher is always manning the tree top house beside the gate, always on the lookout for arriving and departing guests ready to open the massive gate separating the compound from the busy highway.

Regarding the staff, well, they are very approachable, polite and friendly. Great staff!

Before I forget, upon check-in, they surprised us with welcome drink (red wine) and delicious muffins.

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