Sunday, December 18, 2016

Diecast Corner - My Lykan from Furious 7

For those who have watched Furious 7, I am sure you'd understand me if I tell you that I held my breath during one of the film's highlights. It was when Dom and Brian retrieved the "God's Eye" inside a Lykan. This is the red car that they hijacked and made it jump from one skyscraper to another; the Lykan eventually fell to its destruction.

Because of that, when a promodiser of SM North Toy Kingdom showed me a 1:18 scale of Lykan he immediately got my full attention especially when I noticed it has the same color with Lykan of Furious 7; I was browsing at that time for a new Hot Wheels release. He cautiously demonstrated the opening of its hood and doors using their display model. The details were accurate thus no sales talk needed; I asked for a new stock and proceeded to cashier.

Why Lykan? 

Lykan is the first Arab built hyper sport car and according to "Wiki," it's also the third most expensive vehicle built to date, it costs a staggering US$3.4 million. More so, the company plans to build only seven Lykans which make this car matches the title Furious 7.

Some of my FnF diecast cars
Hence, I can say that in years to come, the usual collectible car brands and models like Lamborghini and Ferrari will be released continuously in the market unlike the Lykan. A good example was the recent Unioil and Petron Lamborghini promo. They flooded the Philippines diecast collectors' world with different models and colors of Lamborghini, not to mention the Ferrari collection released earlier by Shell.

It is therefore pretty easy to find mainstream diecast collectors that can show their famous car brands collection in different scales and colors but only a handful owned a 1:18 Lykan. Because of this, I am proud of having a Lykan as the center of my FnF collection but it doesn't mean that the other FnF cars have less appeal to me. On the contrary, I have to admit that I love all the featured muscle cars of Fast and Furious. I am super excited to see the new cars in the coming FnF 8.

Update as of 19 Dec 2016

My kids' haul this weekend during Toycon at Megamall. Lucky to have a family who supports my hobby.

To view my collection may check my IG account: welson _ pinoydiecast

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