Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Tired of Paris City? Chateau Versailles is a perfect getaway

Months before our silver wedding anniversary trip to Paris the wife was bugging me about Chateau Versailles. The place was unknown to me so I didn’t include it in our itinerary. As usual, the wife found a way to include it in our itinerary.
See how massive this castle

The wife really knows best since Chateau Versailles is one of the most exciting places we have visited in Europe. We didn't want our time and movement inside restricted so we didn't join any guided tours.


Chateau Versailles houses thousands of art pieces and collections. Aside from that, the wide gardens around it is truly amazing; it was unfortunate that the weather wasn’t ideal on our day of visit. It was chilly and there was a slight drizzle. But I have to admit, I love chilly weather, it is the wife that couldn’t stand the freezing temperature.
At any rate, we enjoyed touring the massive castle/museum and exploring the gardens outside. By the way, we used our Paris Museum Pass for access while we paid extra 8.50 Euro to enter the gardens. Yup, Chateau Versailles garden access is not included in PMP list.

The symmetrical design of the garden make it looks like a labyrinth

Picture Perfect pedestrian/cycle road
Public Market

We came here by train. We walked a couple of kilometres before reaching Chateau Versailles. It was an added treat to our trip actually. We walked along narrow streets and passed their public market. It was an unforgettable experience for both of us since we have witnessed the normal daily lives of the locals not to mention the lovely houses, laidback environment and scenic landscape. The experience was totally new for my wife. In my case, I have spent several month eons of years ago at Lancey, France where at 7 pm you’d be lucky to meet any locals on the street. The place is just at the foot of the mountains and near the French Alps.
Since summer was almost over, there were less visitors during our visit so entrance to the place was flawless, if I may say so. Because of that, I could say that we have the entire gardens only for us; plenty of picture perfect moments.

We left the place through the other side of the road causing us to lose our way back to the train station but it gave us more time to savour the place. With help from some locals we were able to find the correct road back to the train station.

If you have spare time while in Paris then by all means visit this place for it will give you a glimpse on how the “Royals” have lived centuries back without the hustle and bustle of Paris City.

To know more about Chateau Versailles check its official website : chateauversailles


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