Saturday, December 9, 2017

Chic & Town Luxury Rooms - Rome

The wife booked a double occupancy room due to plenty of good reviews on the net. Unbeknownst to us, we would be able to set foot in Florence and Pisa, which were not included in our itinerary because of their staff.

Days before our Paris trip, we received an email from Chic and Town inquiring about our arrival. It was a pleasant surprise since for the longest time that the wife and I have been travelling, that was the first time we received an inquiry directly from the hotel’s staff. Upon learning that we would arrive at Porta Tiburtina Station in Rome by train, their reception desk sent an instruction on how to reach their hotel coming from this station.

On our arrival, we were greeted cheerfully by Renato, a “kabayan,” and led us to the reception. It was a welcome respite to talk with a kabayan after spending a week in Paris. At the reception, the Italian guy, Pietro, obviously wanted us to enjoy our stay in Rome. He even provided us maps and clear instructions on how to explore Rome by foot.

The following day, a couple of housekeepers knocked on our door. To our surprise, they are also kabayans! We had a chat with them in the afternoon and upon learning that we were free on our last day in Rome, one of them convinced us to visit Florence and a side trip to Pisa; he gave us detailed instructions on how we can reach these places by train. So I immediately booked online a RT train ticket between Rome and Florence. Our tickets were sent to my email and printed by Pietro for free.

It was terrific! The wife and I were able to visit these two amazing places as a result of having a nice chat with our kabayan.

Free snacks

Chic and Town is located at the second floor. No worries since usually there is no queue for the elevator. We're given two keys upon check-in. One is for our room while the other is for the main door in case we'd be coming back late at night. On the day we travelled to Florence, we left early so we're the one who opened the main door.

The place offers basic amenities plus free snacks. We have a cooler inside the room filled with colas, juices and bottled water. Breads, biscuits and fruits are also provided and replenished daily.

The main drawback for this hotel is the lack of wardrobe though there is long frame where you can hang your clothes; hangers are provided. Since the place doesn't have any dining facilities we used to buy and bring pizzas to our room for midnight snack and breakfast.

Psychedelic bathroom

The bathroom has an LED bulb that changes color rhythmically though you can set it in your favorite color. Isn’t it interesting taking a bath in glowing red light? Or brushing your teeth under a green light? LOL.

Check-out was flawless too. The reception even arranged for a taxi that brought us to the airport.

All told, aside from having a competitive price and having warm and great staffs this hotel is strategically located at the center of Rome. Some of the places we visited by foot are:

- Fontana De Trevi
- Pantheon
- Piazza Navonna
- Piazza Del Popolo
- Piazza De Spagna
The only place we visited by taxi is The Colosseum. Aside from that, small food store, souvenir shops and a supermarket are nearby; don’t leave Rome without trying “Gelato."

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