Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Diecast Corner - Macchinine, a diecast model cars collectors' haven in Madrid, Spain

As diecast model cars and toy collector, wherever I go I always search for shops that sell diecast cars or toys that are not being sold in Philippines or considered as rare. Even during layover in airports, I spend my spare time searching for that special toy/car.

While having a noontime break in our hotel in Madrid, Spain during our recent holiday, the wife mentioned that there is a famous diecast cars shop nearby; it was a 20 minute walk actually. Surprisingly, the wife who prefers Metro and Trams while visiting touristy places in Europe suddenly finds strength to accompany me in searching that shop. By the way, I have the best wife in the galaxy, lol.

We hurriedly trekked to locate Macchinine.

From afar you can easily distinguish the shop due to a large tin toy car in front of it.

Upon entering the place I knew right there and then that I would be needing the support of my visa card since I am reserving our cash for our holiday expenses and Macchinine is not included in our itinerary.

When the shop owner noticed that I was scanning the place thoroughly and lifting some of the cars for close-up inspection, he knew that his customer is a collector. He asked me what model of cars I was looking for. I replied that I'm searching for "JDM" cars or in layman's terms, Japanese brand cars.

He brought out some of his model cars stored inside his special drawers. Long story short, I got some Ebbro "JDM" in 1/43 scale, those were my first Ebbro brand diecast cars. I laid my hands on a couple of rally cars as well but American brand. All of them were second hand but in mint and near-mint condition. Knowing how delicate loose diecast cars are, I was worried how my items would be packed. To my surprise, the owner had small boxes ready as packaging and protection too. After discount, my visa card was billed 235 Euro.

Vintage Matchboxes

When I posted Macchinine pictures on our diecast collectors Philippine FB group page, many were in awe on massive display of vintage and rare models while other drooled on vintage Matchbox cars; unfortunately it wasn't included on my collection line so I didn't buy any of them.

Bigger scale


Newer models

I regret not buying these vintages - anyway there is always next time (crossing my fingers)


One of my hauls. Taken at Montjuic Castle, Barcelona

Nissan Rally Car

Ford Focus Rally Car

The owner at the back

Undoubtedly, the place is haven for diecast model cars collectors. You'd find plenty of rare and hard to find diecast cars especially European brands and models making me remember some of my vintage diecast cars I bought at a flea market in Pisa, Italy.

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