Monday, May 28, 2018

Mingling with deers at Nara Park, Japan

As a golden boy, I could never have imagine that I would be able to physically mingle with deer. I am not talking about some caged deer, the one you normally see in zoos.

I am talking about actual patting, feeding and teasing these adorable creatures. What made the experience memorable, the family enjoyed this momentous event with me.
That's me

The wife enjoys feeding the deer

Deer are spread out in the park

More than a thousand of freely roaming deer around the place waiting to be fed is the main attraction in Nara Park. I asked my daughter to buy some crackers and divided these among us so all of us can experience feeding the deer. You can buy these crackers for 150 Yen at some vendors in the area.

Himuro Jinja Shrine

We came here from Kyoto by Keihan Line. The park is around 20-minute walk from Nara Station. A temple and shrine is located within the vicinity but the main attractions are the sweet and gentle deer.

Give me crackers please...

It can smell the crackers

Be aware though that sometimes these guys can detect the crackers even if it inside your pocket. They'd follow and coerced you to give them your crackers. A few of them have learned the arts of hypnotism by looking directly at your eyes as if forcing you to bring out the crackers, lol.

I heard that when you bow in front of these animals they'd imitate you. Tried doing that but got some inquisitive looks from these animals. The only time I've seen them bow was when some crackers fell on the ground.

Fortunately, the weather on first week of January was ideal in visiting this place just don't expect to see any cherry blossom. Chilly but dry so it won't be arduous to explore the area while enjoying the company of these tamed animals.

I highly recommend visiting this place when you are in Kyoto especially if you have kids with you. Trust me, they will love the experience.


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