Saturday, June 1, 2019

Otaru Music Box Museum

Long before we set foot at Hokkaido, Japan, the wife has been dreaming of visiting a famous shop selling locally made music box.

Searching the net I realized that the shop is called Music Box Museum and located in Otaru.

Long story short, we ended up visiting the Music Box Museum on our recent visit to Japan a couple of months back. It is located at the end of Sakaimachi Street if you are coming from the train station. Upon arrival at the train station get the free map to easily identify the places of interest in Otaru since there is no free wifi here. No worries since most of these places are walkable from the train station.

Sadly, Hokkaido was experiencing the worst snow in forty years when we were there so our time was cut short due to harsh weather.

At any rate it was one of the best places we have visited in Japan due to its uniqueness and the memories it brought back to me. I vividly remember enjoying the music box that my father - who is a retired seaman - bought for my mother eons of years ago. I kept on fiddling it so I can continuously watched a small ballerina rotates while listening to a hypnotic metallic melody.

Aside from being a museum, the shops also sells wide arrays of locally made music boxes

Antique musical devices

Creeky wooden floors at the second floor

As expected, the wife opted to survey the entire place first before deciding to purchase our music boxes. We bought a couple of small music boxes that now adore her souvenir display cabinets. Remembering how the music box looks like that my father bought for my mother I could say that it costs him a big amount of money by comparing it to the same design I saw in the shop; my wife even found it way beyond her budget.

Coming here from the station was no easy task during winter but when the snow is gone it would be very pleasant to stroll along Sakaimachi road since there are plenty of souvenir and food shops along the road. On our way back to the train station, we dropped by at "Le Tao," a local shop famous for its flavourful cakes and other pastries.

A couple of hours would be enough to enjoy the place.

Upon seeing our pictures, our kids are now prepping to visit this place in June. Fortunately, snow is long gone so we'll have plenty of time to enjoy the place.

Remember this, Otaru is famous not only for its canal; there are many interesting places that are worth visiting. Yes, together with our kids, we'll be back in Otaru in a few weeks.


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