Thursday, May 9, 2019

Hotel WBF Sapporo City, Japan

Due to flight cancellation caused by heavy snow in Tokyo we hurriedly booked online the last twin room of Hotel WBF while in Chitose airport, Sapporo City.

With our luggage, we travelled back to Sapporo city and searched for this hotel.

Check in was flawless; we were given breakfast coupons for 2 day and 2 bottle of water. Key card for the main door was also provided since there is no reception staff during night time.

I can say its location is ideal since it is near Tanukikuji shopping arcade and just opposite McDonald's. More so, Odori Station is a mere 3 min walk from the hotel.

Our room has massive twin beds; pyjama gown is replaced daily, basic toiletries are also provided but the reusable slippers were grumpy - I hope they sterilize or clean them. We have small fridge and air purifier/humidifier inside. The wife loves the "hotdog" pillow, LOL. Surprisingly, the handy phone is set at English language so we were able to use it outside.

Power outlets and room lights control are conveniently installed at the headboard.

Video on demand is also available including adult theme but you need to purchase 24 hour access at 4th floor.

They have a small cafe cum bar at the lobby. If yu avail their membership you would be given a discount to avail the "unli-drinks" for a limited time and this membership is honored in all WBF hotels in Japan. I don't know the complete specifics about the membership since I prefer to buy my alcohol shots at Lawson.

Unlike the other hotels we have stayed in Japan where we truly enjoyed our breakfast, WBF offers limited breakfast options. Aside from that, the restaurant is also small thus seats are limited as well.

Be aware though that there is one main drawback regarding our room.

I am claustrophobic so I can easily feel suffocated be it inside the plane, car or anywhere that has constricted space and limited ventilation.

It was the peak of winter at that time. Unlike other hotels we have stayed in Japan where you can vary or adjust the room temperature, this hotel is not like that. You can only change the fan speed; there is no temperature adjustment in our room. I don't know whether all their rooms are like that. I felt suffocated due to warm air inside. The temperature was more pleasant at the lobby.

Another contributing factor is the space. The two massive beds have occupied almost the entire room leaving limited space for you to move around.

If not for this factor, I can say that this hotel is almost perfect due to its location.


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