Saturday, May 4, 2019

Passport renewal at DFA Robinson Galleria for OFW

My passport would expire in December 2019 so I had no choice but to renew it in April during my vacation.

The most convenient place where I can renew my passport is at DFA office in Robinson Galleria.

Unfortunately, due to Lenten Season, DFA Galleria was releasing new passports after 22 days; no "express" service at that time. I applied on April 1 and got a claim stub for April 23. No worries since I would be flying back to my work in Africa on April 29.

To summarize this, here are some tips and procedures to follow:

1. Come early since DFA office opens at 8 AM.

2. The guard at the entrance would give you queue number and application form.

3. Wait for your number to be called.

4. Initial document inspection will follow. You have to photocopy your passport data page, work visa and arrival stamp. No worries since there is a photocopy counter nearby.

5. After this, you have to submit your passport and application form to evaluation counters.

6. Next step is payment at cashier window; I paid 950 pesos. You leave your documents here.

7. Final step is data encoding and biometrics (picture, fingerprints and signature); you wait for your name to be called. This is the most important step. Ensure that all data that has been entered is 100% correct. Anyway, you will be asked to check on the computer screen the actual data that will appear on your passport. Once you have confirmed that your data is correct you will sign an acknowledgement receipt attesting the correctness of your data; claim stub will be issued.

8. Return back to claim your passport. You need to hand over your old passport before your new passport will be given to you for signature and inspection. Once you have confirmed that your new passport is correct then that would be the time your old passport will be punched.


- This is a walk-in passport renewal; no need to book an appointment - it is a first come first serve basis.

- This DFA office is for OFW ONLY so they'll be looking for your work or residence visa. If you don't have any work visa then I have no idea what documents you need to bring to support that you are an OFW.

- No need to bring PSA birth certificate and picture, your old passport is enough.

- No wories for car owners, you can park at the basement and proceed to DFA office even if the mall is not yet open.

- Once you have received your new passport for inspection, double or triple check your data and look for any physical damage. Check also the sequence of pages - report if any pages are missing or in wrong order. Trust me, you don't want to face any passport problems during your flight date.

This is the most common question: Can I still use my old passport while waiting for the release of my new passport?


Your passport will be punched once you have received and inspected your new passport otherwise your old passport is still valid. In my case, while waiting for my new passport, I used my old passport to process my OEC (Overseas Employment Certificate) and attached my old passport to my new passport by rubber band - avoid stapler; I am now back in Africa without encountering any problems in our immigration. Just to add, my colleague applied for a new passport and returned back to our work using his old passport; he would claim his new passport on his next vacation since you're allowed to claim your new passport within 60 days from release date. This is possible for my colleague since we have a 4 week / 4 week job rotation. Meaning, we work for one month and goes for vacation for another month. HOWEVER, if the validity of your old passport is less than 6 month then chances are the immigration officer won't allow you to leave; POEA won't issue an OEC as well, remember that.

That's it!

By the way, it took me less than 30 minutes to renew my passport and less than 10 minute to claim it. I got my first 10 year passport and probably my last since I would be retiring in a few years. This is what I call "change is coming," LOL.


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