Thursday, March 21, 2019

Snowmobiling at Snowmobile Land Sapporo

The wife and I experienced our first winter or snow at Sapporo, Japan in February. We wanted it to be memorable so we searched for suitable winter activities that we can enjoy at Sapporo aside from sightseeing.

We tried to book online a two-seater snowmobile but got refused by Klook and Snowmobile Land since there were only two of us; in case of group booking or more than 2 snowmobiles then we can avail a 2 seater. Having no choice, we booked and paid “Klook” for 2 snowmobile vehicles for 60 minute and 5 minute banana boat ride on the snow.

Our group rendezvous was at Princeton hotel which was a couple of blocks away from our hotel. We were the last passengers to arrive though we were 10 minutes earlier than the meet-up time given by Klook. Once seated, the bus left the place. It took our bus around 45 minutes to reach Snowmobile Land.

Inclusive in our fare was the complete snow attire including snow boots. I recommend that you avail their gears to avoid damage to your personal outfit and to have complete weatherproof protection. The vehicle is diesel fed so chances are, diesel droplets could splatter on your winter jacket while snowmobiling. Also, you’ll be tempted to roll on the snow, make snow angel, or simply drop on your face due to knee-deep snow. It happened to me, the wife thought I was joking but it was a pleasant experience. No worries about your personal things, they would be stowed inside a room by the staff.

We were two couples in our group, the other couple were from Australia and also snowmobile first timers; they came with complete skiing outfits though. Since we paid for 2 snow mobile, our instructor asked my wife whether she can drive alone. She refused so we ended up with a two-seater snow mobile – we got what we wanted but at higher fare.

We had a short training course within the base camp. After a while we went direct to the mountain. Without the thrill of seeing snow covered landscape you would be nervous due to narrow path; there are no barriers so if you’re not careful you can plunge off cliff with your snowmobile.

The Base Camp

2-seater Snowmobile

Making a Snow Angel

600 meters Mark

Soon afterwards we reached a 600 meter marker. This is the highest point of our snowmobile trip. Our instructor gave us plenty of time for selfie; he acted also as our photographer. The surrounding area is truly mesmerising as if you have been transported to a wonderland; a typical snow postcard scenery. Well, that what my wife and I felt since it was our first time to enjoy and feel real snow. We stayed for around 15 minutes before deciding to return back to the base. On our way down, we met different groups a couple of times. Since we’re going down, the opposite group would stop in a safe area to allow us to pass.

Our instructor guided us to another place which offers magnificent views of mountain ranges. Aside from that, there is small hill nearby fully covered by pristine snow. I made snow angel here, LOL. It was one of my ardent dreams when I was young so I wasn’t embarrassed even if I am now a golden boy; the wife laughed her heart out while recording my childish act. Truly unforgettable. We stayed here for another 15 minutes before we returned back to the base camp.

Upon arrival at the base camp, we were greeted by a coordinator. A 5 minute banana boat ride on snow is inclusive in our package. It was another exciting experience. Who would guess that you can have this kind of ride on snow?

Since our group was the first to leave the base camp we were also the first to return. While waiting for the other groups to arrive we scoured the camp and checked our souvenir photos. A pair of photo costs 2000 Yen; it was expectedly expensive but it was a once in a lifetime experience for us. We bought 2 pairs, one for snowmoble and another pair for banana boat ride. After an hour, we took the same bus and disembark at Princeton Hotel.

That concludes our snowmobile experience. If you’re planning to visit Sapporo during winter I strongly suggest this winter activity. You won’t regret it, promise.


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