Sunday, July 28, 2019

Mimaru Tokyo North Ueno

Our room is perfect for a small family or group due to 4 single beds and a double bed with a small dining table; maximum of 6 people can be accommodated in our room. The toilet being separated from the bathroom could be an advantage rather than disadvantage due to obvious reason that one person can use the toilet while the bathroom is occupied.

Reception area

Utensils are inside the drawers

There is a small kitchen with fridge and utensils, perfect since the hotel has no restaurant or dining facility. The kitchen is ideal in case you intend to prepare your breakfast and midnight snacks. A small electronic vault is also provided in our room. Though there is a Handy Phone we find it easier to use our MAPS.ME app. By the way, when you use this app in locating the hotel it will direct you at the parking or backside entrance.


On our second day, the wife borrowed flat iron and ironing board while my daughter asked for power adaptor for her hair dryer. You can borrow these items at the reception. Light switches, power source and USB chargers are conveniently located at the headboard.

We didn't bother turning on the TV since we knew that English channels are not available in most Japanese hotels. We enjoyed more having nice chit-chat after a day of walking.

Our cozy dining area

Beds are comfy and bedding are pristine. Towels are replaced and garbage collected daily but no housekeeping until the third day. Be aware though that if you don't put the old towels inside the laundry basket in the bathroom they won't collect them, you'll start accumulating towels in the room. Toiletries such as razors, disposable slippers can be availed at the reception area.

The man drawback is the location; we came here from Narita Airport by Skyliner. It is a bit far from Keisei train station. Meaning, you have to walk for at least 15 minutes before you can board Skyliner. However, if you are using local Tokyo trains, the hotel is near to JR Ueno Station's Iriya Exit. No worries if the weather is fine, you will surely enjoy strolling from the station to the hotel but on our last day there was a slight drizzle. Lugging our trolleys, we walked fast up to Keisei station to avoid getting drenched by rain. In addition, there are less food shops around so we always shop at the convenience store outside Iriya Exit before heading back to our hotel. Thankfully, our kids are expert in ordering foods online; having lived at a condominium for several years during weekdays while in college, our kids have become expert on this matter. They downloaded Pizza Hut Japan mobile apps and ordered online. I waited for the delivery guy at the lobby; my only contribution to our meal.

Special thanks to our kabayan - they have one kabayan as reception staff - for guiding us on how to return back to Narita Airport by Skyliner.


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