Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Singapore’s Pokémon Café

While in Singapore, aside from Universal Studios, which place do you think your techie kids would want to visit?

In our case, our three kids were unanimous in choosing Pokemon Café during our Singapore trip last December. It is at Everything With Fries (EWF) on the 4th floor of Bugis Junction which is easily accessible through MRT. The place is quite small and can barely accommodate thirty diners at the same time. Thus, it is normal to have long queue during meal hours.


We arrived at around 9:00AM and noticed a lady with her 2 toddlers already in queue and slumped on the floor; the place would open at 10AM by the way. Since it was weekday, there were less people inside the mall so we opted to stroll around the area and returned back at 10AM. Queue was starting to build up after we were given a table.

kids' cold drinks

Pikachu meets Porschy

My carded Porschy

Since we weren’t hungry yet we decided to have cupcakes and drinks; I ordered hot coffee. The kids were more excited at photo-ops than devouring their foods. I joined the frenzy and started taking photo of my diecast car along with Pokemon props.

Albeit the high price, there is nothing magical on the foods and drinks though Pokemon fans will surely adore the fancy food preparation imitating different Pokemon characters. And I believe this is the main reason while my kids were hell-bent in coming to this place. Those characters are worth an album on their FB and IG accounts.

Menu 1

Menu 2

Pokemon Counter

Beside the café is a small Pokemon shop where you can buy original action figures and other Pokemon knick-knacks. My 2 boys were elated to find their favorite characters. They're cheaper according to them; I nodded.

We left the café after finishing our snack. Obviously the family was in bliss after the visit at the only Pokemon Café in South East Asia. Because of that, I took the opportunity to search for diecast toy cars in the area; nobody raised a howl. As a breadwinner I shouldn’t be denied of my enjoyment as well, lol

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